6* Hotel to Open in Cork this summer

The Capella Dunboy Hotel is scheduled to open near Castletownbere according to the Capella Group. Shame they haven’t done any advertising to cheer us up.

Mind you the last hotel they opened in Cork lasted less than 2 years.

6 Stars eh? In a Depression
That should attract the most undesirables bastards of the Nation.

I’m there 14th/15th of May, family gig.

All married, and no bastards…

Lucky for some, just like Irish society in general.

It isn’t always about luck Truth.ie nor is it always about being connected…

I’ve heard it all now. Its like this country is permanently stuck at April Fool’s Day.

I’m there 14th/15th of May, family gig.

All married, and no bastards…
Lucky for some, just like Irish society in general.

It isn’t always about luck Truth.ie nor is it always about being connected…

I’m aware of that, I just see it as bad taste, almost Victorian era.
The divide between richer and poorer just gets more stark and in your face everyday.
Call me crazy, but I thought we shook off shows of decadence and flaunting.
Like a 5 star Hotel isn’t good enough for us now. Are we Arab Sheiks all of a sudden?
I naively thought there was a sea change of attitudes and we were entering a new society of equality and solidarity.
The whole keeping up with the Jones’s thing is still hanging over us like a bad smell.


In hindsight, Capella hotels probably wish that they had first bought a map of Ireland

Do report on the event bob, de missus has a gift voucher coming for the gaff.

Actually I have relatives in C-t-bere and I know a little about this one …?

if it is the building I think it is, it is a mad Ozymandiaz like pile of steaming hubris, a massive deluxe folly that was originally meant to attract seriously wealthy Americans over to play golf

the idea was they would pay big money to have an apartment within the overall structure, with de luxe fancy 24 hour room service available etc…

and WHERE were they to play golf? there is no golf course in CTB posh enough to attract such? ah yes, but they were expected to take helicopters to old head of Kinsale / other posh courses accross the waters of the penninsulae as needed

And the potential customers without helicopters, I hear you ask? Why, these were the riff raff the whole set up was meant to keep OUT, you see!!! absolute genius!!! XX XX XX

I think the whole thing has been disappearified into NAMA (not sure) who are insisting something be FINALLY done with it?

A lot of local movers and shakers / local cannys got the bug and invested heavily in it, I think the local bank branch of AIB DESPERATELY needs something to be done with this 6 star train wreck…

Opening it as a mere “hotel” as we know it was not the original plan at all at all!!!

Theres no such thing as 6 or 7 star. The max is 5. 6 and 7 are a marketing invention.

Your looking at a bog standard 5 star here.

How long to wait before a brendan o’connor piece ?

They would go bust feeding the fool :frowning:

afaik capella will be running/would have been running the hotel but its savvy Irish investors behind it with that whole lease back thingy (and not just locals from the area, main people were from the nations capital) which has not gone well at all. Only a small number of people have rowed in and that was in the early days of the venture.
If it opens it will be a miracle as work stopped well over a year ago and the people behind it were taken to court before Christmas for moneys owed to Hegartys
irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 08559.html

It was a hell of a restoration project (biggest in Ireland or the UK at the time) …some may say folly…

RKD architects were also after them recently but it appears to have been settled.

Hegarty’s claim wasn’t settled and they have a judgement mortgage against the company. Here scribd.com/doc/30800008/Hega … pella-Cork

Fortunately the lender appears to be IIB TBTF.

The most recent accounts for the company are 2007 and at theis stage 30 odd M had been burned. Here scribd.com/doc/30799981/Reso … 7-Accounts

The genius directors of the company are set out in the parent’s annual return and their empire of companies are here scribd.com/doc/30799997/Cap- … Ann-Return


So the Directors are Adrian Dunne of 9a eglin road ballsbridge dublin 4 and Michael Humphreys of 35 st thomas’ road mount merrion dublin 4 and not some locals in Cork.

Bios cappartners.ie/management.php

Resort Hotel Developments and Cap Partners or Capartners have the same pair of directors.

Had said&thought that some prominent locals invested heavily, didnt say that they were the directors…

Might check with my source again when I get the chance…

account for 2008 have been filed

auditor has issued an adverse opinion

seems now some 50m has been spent but no sign of opening

anyone know anything about this crowd Cap Partners – they have some 50 plus entities and seem to have land in Tullamore , Mitchelstown and elsewhere financed by Irish Nama banks

yet Humphreys and Dunne dont seem to have any profile ?