6 Merton Avenue

So another what is it worth?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … oad/124968

Bit of a project but space to extend out back.

In a restricted market, in a jobless economy, in a fucked country, its worth very little.

Its an old house and will need a lot of insulating and updating.
It also has no garden/off street parking at front.
Its a small 3-bedder which will only suffice for a few years.

I’d say its worth between €100k and €130k.

EDIT - And I’m right.

I think 350 for a redbick Victorian, of decent but not huge proprtions, off the better end of SCR, is a steal. But I remember when I gasped at houses like this when they pushed thru the 100k price,and again the 500k price.

I think the LTEV is something worth waiting around for - if we’re really bust, 150 - 200k will be commonplace.

The first feature listed is that it has an ’ alarm ’ easily adds another 200k .

I used to rent a flat around here. These houses went for an astonishing £230 in 00/01 (That’s punts). You have Therese Gardens as neighbours no matter what way they dress it up!!

118k, 1 sack of grass seeds and a new bicycle no more no less would be my offer here…

I’ve sold and rented property in Cork Street for years now.
The area is a dump - always has been, always will be !