6 Monkstown Road, Monkstown, Co. Dublin (-40k/-9.2%)

Was 435
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Now 395

I went to see this one. Lots of potential to do up and extend to the side. It is on a decent piece of land i.e. there is garden to the front, side and back. However, MASSIVE flaw; no parking and no where near to park your car. It is just past a busy junction so despite having space at the front and side for three cars, the footpath isn’t lowered. The house right next door has though. A pity!

Does the fact that the footpath isn’t lowered outside preclude you from ever putting in a driveway? There’s loads of room in the front and, as you say, the neighbours to to the right all have them. Could you pay to have it lowered yourself?

The house is worth bugger all without somewhere to park. You’d think any sale would have to be contingent on getting PP for a driveway.

On the flip side I’ve always liked the unusual look of those houses. The red brick/roofs is different.

Well I have no prior experience with planning applications but at a guess I would say that you wouldn’t get planning to lower it.

I am only concluding this because the house is close to a busy junction, the footpath hasn’t been lowered by the previous owner and the house price is falling … because other people have come to the same conclusion and family homes need parking. It is really the only reason I wasn’t interested in the property myself. It isn’t perfect by any means but this is a big negative.

Does anyone else have previous experience of getting planning to lower a footpath near a junction? Here is the street view. Look left.

I notice that none of the houses near to the junction have put in driveways (plus there’s a bus stop right around there somewhere).

The bus stop is further up so it wouldn’t be an issue.

I’m told you can get the path dropped in these circumstances if you pay for it yourself, so this isn’t an problem. I guess it really is a question as to if there’s a reason the PO didn’t do this other than funds/apathy… eg a failed application.

The EA should really find out because uncertainty regarding permission is clearly enough to put some people off. However I would have thought a call to the council would get you a quick answer if you were really interested.

Cars come around that corner at speed. To have a car slowing to turn into a driveway is very dangerous. But, that’s based on no experience whatsoever of the planning system.

You could always turn in from the other direction. Plenty of roads coming up from the seafront that would allow you loop around if you were coming from town.

Council might need convincing of this, though!

Now €525k. Wonder if the parking issue was sorted out.

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Has this been renovated since July 12 or is it a random 30% price increase?

If it’s a renovation, it’s a ‘light touch renovation’.

Sold for 550k
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