6 Orwell Park, Rathgar (-1.2m, -42%)

Was 2.85m, 2.55m in 2010

Now 1.65m, down 42% since 2010
302 Sq. Metres (3,251 Sq. Feet)
€507/sq ft

Seems a bit pricey for this one - IMO, this should be one of the cheapest houses on the road, just a little less impressive in all ways that nearly all the houses on the road. If someone really want the Orwell Park address they might pay up but I’d be very suprised in this achieves its asking.

Any of the d6 experts know the story on this one?

I’d imagine it would have gotten around €1.3m last year, although as Conflicted mentioned, I think people will give in and around this price to get the house, especially if they regret not buying one of the bigger detached ones at this price last year and see the prices continuing to rise. 20 and 25 were semi’s and made about €1.3 last year, but they were much more imposing and impressive homes and would have commanded a premium over this. In saying that, I don’t think it is a bad house either - yes, it has a N facing garden and seems cramped in terms of distance from neighbouring houses compared to most of the other houses on the street, but it is in good knick and we know that people love to move straight into homes without having to lift a finger.

I viewed this house when it was for private sale. There was a offer for 1.4 which was rejected and they have subsequently bought elsewhere.
I believe the garden is more east facing and it is very small and dark, much smaller than it looks in the photos.
Also the house is far less impressive in real life, they have done a great job in showing it. it is in good nick and it is a lovely house which great space in the bedrooms which always seems to be a problem in these old houses. The Kitchen is very small too and not a easy job to change it either
I would be surprised if it got 1.65 as they have been showing it for about 6 months privately with multiple agents and they haven’t got any bites so far. i would think about 1.5 someone would stump up for it but I wouldn’t pay more than 1.4 for it

Offer currently of 1.510
They must be holding out for more as Open view on Saturday although hardly anyone there