6 Radharc Na Locha, Ennis, Co. Clare (-25k)

was 750k … cd=4&gl=ie

now 725k
pbrowneauctioneers.ie/magire … yscode=PBR

Terrible site. Built on a diagonal site with the house behind looking straight in your back windows and garden, The rear of the house in front looks straight in also. Zero privacy for 725000 (in Ennis :laughing: )

Typical example of a builder squeezing the very last bit out with no regard to the people who have to live there. House has been for sale for on and off two years at least.

Not another official price drop but it’s now gone POA (which is as good as, in the current climate).
-developer has dropped the price significantly but does not want a hoard of angry recent buyers attacking him over their (now formallly announced) negative equity.
-Developer does not want Joe public to know that he was not as canny as everyone thought, given that he not has to drop his price and sell for less that it’s ‘worth’.

This house is privately owned, bought off the plans. I viewed it last year when it was €750k and was told by the EA, owner would take a significantly lower offer (e.g. €550k - even at that price I thought it was overpriced - there isn’t even a kitchen installed)

That makes a lot of sense… I know someone living in one of those, bought it new, must be 4 years ago now (maybe more). I just couldn’t understand why the developer hadn’t managed to sell the house (while times were ‘good’).

Now gone to Offers

propertypriceregister.ie/Web … enDocument

€352,500 as per PPR