6 Sarsfield House, Wolfe Tone Quay (-125k, -54%)

This one’s been coming down in dribs and drabs for the last year

Was 230k, etc.

Now 175k

€324/sq foot, no BER, €1900 pa service charge , no car space … priced to sell it says , how the EA can keep a straight face I dunno.

Now down to 129k, meaning 44% drop from the original 230k.
On sale for the past two years, “retiring” owner chasing the market down.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-7/112769
property.ie/property-for-sal … -7/352357/

Don’t understand why there’s no car place associated, as there are some for the block. These are actually not too bad as apartments, on a quiet courtyard, near to Collins Barracks Luas and Heuston. Probably worth 80-100k. Unfortunately I was unable to dissuade a relative from paying 250k for one in the block at the end of 2005. :frowning:

Now down 50%

nutty management fees with that one.

What would be the expected? (Remember that this was put on two years ago at over double the current price). There are lifts, but not working (since 2006 or longer!), no landscaping to speak of IIRC, so I agree that there’s not much for the management co. to do except the usual mucking out. If you could give some pointers, it could help my relation for renegotiation… Thanks in advance…

lifts not working ?
if the owners aren’t paying into the sinking fund/annual maintenance fund then walk away; simple as!

I’m surprised his solicitor will even act where there is potential for it all to go sour - the apartment could be unsellable if the management company is insolvent

105k, down 54%

Third anniversary of its being put on sale!
“This property is priced to sell as the owner is retiring”, since April 2008.

Now “SALE AGREED”, region €105,000.
Will it last?