6 Saval Park Gardens, Dalkey

Has anyone viewed this property. Looks like a small back garden. Anyone care to comment about what they think the value of it may be. Thanks 8)

Garden is very small and is north facing too, reckon its about 35 ft long but the hedging probably eats into that. The original garden was probably about 100ft long but it was sold to the neighbouring house years ago, so its a bit of a let down, house has been freshly painted and god knows why they bothered, there is no kitchen at all, I am not even sure that the central heating is working in this house, lots of pipes running outside the walls. The house looks like it hasn’t been lived in for a while and theyhave cleared all furniture out. Extension in the kitchen is probably a good 30/40 years old so not sure if this would be cheaper to knock down and rebuild rather than rennovate, if so the sq. ft is really smaller in reality. Bathroom/ wc are seperate rooms, generally very dated and needs plenty of cash & tlc. Upside is its a nice estate overlooking a green, good location and the potential for a nice family home.

Crazy price.

Yeah, a bit steep at that price. Though to be fair living in a nice safe area with a big green out the front makes it easier to live with a poor garden.

I can still see this place getting decent money.

SCD, baby.

Sale Agreed.

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know of a place nearby here that had a 650k offer for a year. Is now in a bidding war up to 800k :open_mouth:

Any chance of a link?