60% of firms plan staff pay rises in 2011/12

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It seems that only the lower paid of both public and private sectors are expected to swallow “austerity”.

In other words, while ‘professionals’ and higher paid public servants (including employees of NAMA!!!) continue to rake in obscene amounts in salary terms, plus similarly obscene-sized bonuses, the unemployed, service industry employees, and the lower end of the public sector (as well as small business owners/entrepreneurs of the real kind) are asked to suffer said austerity on their own.

This gives the lie to the myth of the existence of a dualistic public sector versus private sector divide. No such divide has ever existed and is merely a media concoction.

The only real divide exists between them that would control and the rest.

Sounds like a bad dose of confirmation bias you’ve got going on there.

Who cant handle the truth?


I was gently musing to myself earlier today and was thinking if you were to strip out the benchmarking award of a few years back and allow annual salary increases in line with inflation from the rates paid prior to the award, where would PS pay be now and how do those figures compare with where we actually are now after the more recent cuts and levies? I’m not smart enough to do the math but if someone else is capable (there’s no doubt that they are hereabouts*) it could be interesting. The cuts of 15% in PS pay proposed in Greece might be something to bear in mind when we compare and contrast.

*If Michael Taft is reading this, this does not include you.

You can only handle increments of truth! Yep, that sounds about right for the 'pin!!! As goldmanberg’s post attests…

Why, whatever do you mean?

What’s an obscene amount to rake in?

Yes, jobs of generic skill are poorly paid. Jobs that are harder to fill are paid more. My employer is doing modest pay rises this year, based on performance. I had a promotion-related increase last year so unlikely to benefit. Even so, once the tax man got his hands on it, I got the real equivalent of f*** all as will the vast majority of people getting these payrises. 44-47% of 2% isn’t actually very exciting.

I don’t see me getting a rise in next 2 years, I work for an American MNC and have been getting sub inflation rases until last year and I got 0 this past one, no sign of change.
I guess I will have to get myself and Oisrish employer. :cry:

Fair enough in this messed up nation. That’s how it has been and will be continuing to be for a while yet I fear.

I think it is not just a media concoction.
There are some important facets of Ireland and the Irish as they are now that I think have led to a dualistic divide.
In one case you have persons who believe “I’m better than you”
In the other case you have those persons who’s status is believed by the first to be lower.

The first class are the controlling class, the other class are those who will be controlled and unless they create too much trouble for the controlling class then the control mechanisms and systems of the controlling class go ahead without much demonstration or protest here.

Those people being controlled are generally of a weaker sort; not physically weak as such but more willing not to fight against that by which they are being controlled.

In many cases, the controlling class are part of the legal and government system;
Those being controlled are part of the working system. i.e. either employees or workers, be it in public or private service.

I trace that this sense of entitled superiority of certain members of our society is what agrieves me when I consider these matters.
They believe that they are entitled to superiority due to Years of Experience, Ranking in an Interview Session, Role within the Organization, Better Political Connections, More appropriate political connects, hierarchies or any much more such reason of seemingly appropriate good basis.

Yet, for all of that it’s generally the shite that rises to the top in this nation.
Results are not important and it’s all about Keeping the Show on the Road, Appearance is Vital.

It’s no good raging against the machine in this nation full of uselessness.
I’m resigned at this stage to consider the majority of inhabitants of this nation to be unwilling to take appropriate action to drive just cause.

It would appear form the results of the survey that most of the sectors planning pay increase are operating in the export sector.
Internationally competition for skilled people results in higher wages

Regardless of the length of our dole queue most of the people on it, do not have the skills to work in the knowledge/export economy.

A hard fact of life is that intelligent people earn more money.

Let’s put the numbers a different way. 40% of firms are planning no increase.

Of those companies signalling increase, the typical planned pay increase is below current CPI ( cso.ie/releasespublications/docu … nt/cpi.pdf ) for 2011 and likely CPI inflation for 2012 (given tax hikes coming in the budget/mortgage rate increases).

They’re not getting increments either…