60% of people think it's a good time to buy.

or 40% of people think it’s a time to goodbye.

take your pick

Yet another survey that relies on subjectivity. I wonder how the questions were phrased.

Report some hard numbers and stick the shite back up your holes.

They must be right so.

well this is an AIB survey so its going to be impartial :angry: either that or 60% of the pop are as thick as fuck

Almost 50% of the population are below average intelligence. A shocking indictment of our educational system.

Dust off those “Smart and Ballsy Quotes” !!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Wouldn’t be surprising to find the survey was conducted on people already applying for mortgages at the bank, which means 40% of those applying for a mortgage think it’s a shit time to buy, but fuck it let’s go ahead anyway cuz rent is dead money, where do we sign?

I wonder would they tell you
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Hence this article/survey isn’t worth a shit IMO

Point of order. This is not correct. 50% of any population are below and above the median but not necessarily the average. For that to be the case, the distribution has to be uniform.

Sex Panther; 60% of the time, it works every time.

That explains the 60%.

I take it that none of these 60% want to buy so.

None of my friends think it is a good time to buy.
All of my fiance’s friends think it’s a good time to buy.
She has more friends than I have.
60:40 sounds about right.

Perhaps a lot of people answered this in the spirit of ‘it is now a good time to buy compared to when it was a worse time to buy.’ (For instance, after the last few days bad weather, a mediocre day might be described as a good day to drive - compared to what people have experienced.)

i think it’s safe to say that 60% don’t realise that there would be no AIB without the state guarantee.

I wonder what the results would be if they were to break it down to a male female survey :question:

I’m not sure that would tell you anything, unless I’m mistaken the vast proportion of recent unemployed are men, resulting in fewer male mortgage applicants perhaps?

well you can’t really extrapolate anything…are you assuming most of her friends arefemale and most of his are male? This is wrong. You cannot assume this. Most of myvery close friends are female most of my friends are male. There are other confounding factors.

A lot depends on the whyfore buy. Clearly for solely investment reasons it is not a great time to buy. But if there are other reasons which are linked to stability, weariness of dealing with amateur landlords unversed in even the basic rudimentary legislation here and given some of the price falls and dependant on the location and type of property concerned, it may well be a good time to buy. But it depends on a number of factors in each individual case.

With respect to the survey, you have to remember that very few surveys have suggested it’s a really bad time to buy and common thought in 2006 -the absolute worst time to buy - surveys did not reflect the investment reality. So I ignore it.

In the past four years, I know quite a few males who bought. I would have to say that the implication that buying or the desire to buy is not weighted for women but for men. I am not totally in favour of buying right now but price reduction is not the sole criteria by which I judge the matter.