60% support housing market measures: SBP/RedC Poll

60% of the electorate support government efforts to stimulate the housing market with the the highest rates of support among the 18-34 age group and in the Dublin commuter belt.
*Three-fifths (60 per cent) believe the government should do something to stimulate the housing market. Those most in favour of this action include those in the 18-34 year old age groups and also those based more in the suburban sprawl around Dublin. *
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I believe it was Ben Franklin who said that democracy was two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner, but that liberty was a well-armed sheep disputing the outcome of the election.

Here we have sheep who already owe one leg to the wolf arguing in favour of the wolf taking the other leg too.

I can understand those now condemned to eternity in the Commuter Belt Negative Equity Purgatory calling for a support package, but what’s with the 18-34 year olds? Unless they’re looking at their inheritance going down the Swany.

Blue Horseshoe

The commuter belt went for FF in the last election because they were told that FF would prop up the price of the houses they had paid too much for. I’m sure they’re still desperately hoping for a bailout.

I fear that no support level is feasible given the vast number of empties all around the denizens of the outer commuter belt .

The inner commuter belt …no more than 25 miles from Dublin may have some reason to hope .

If the poll shows that the outer commuter belt is in some way relying on FF to pull a rabbit out of a hat that ‘places’ them no further out than Maynooth then they are doomed .

Most potential FTBs do not actually Live out there , nor will they ever. They are in or near the M50 in flatland at most.

It is over people . Sorry !

Because the 18-34 group they are talking about are located in the commuter belt they have already bought.

Polls are often misleading. If youd polled the question, “Do you think the country should increase the national debt to provide loans, to people who’ve been turned down by the banks?” I think 60% would have said No.

That’s the truth

the bubble was so pervasive that a a huge number of 18-34 year olds have bought and are petrified… they are the ones who bought late, and bought dear, so they are the ones in greatest danger of negative equity.

Yeah. The answer to that particular question more than the others is coloured by one’s personal situation rather than your opinion on other matters. If you own property or are depending on the construction industry to pay your wages, you will be screaming for something to be done. If not, there can’t be too many people who want things to stay artificially high. I wonder who did they ask?

Agreed. And very often you can lead the person answering the poll to a desired result by asking them some leading questions before asking the question that you want to get a particular answer to.

You think our politicans would try to manipulate public perception? Thats so unpatriotic.


isn’t this one of these pesky behavioural finance issues?

Framing a question in even a slightly different way can elicit a hugely different repsonse from the respondent

I remeber seeing an example. people coming outof a cinema were asked to estimate how long was the film by one person, others were asked how short was the film. The latter person recieved ansers that were on average 40min shorter than the first!

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Derrin Brown on Simon Pegg shows an extreme example of the power of suggestion:

It’s pretty easy to cook the results of a poll. It’s all about asking the right questions! See Yes, Minister!

60% of Irish Turkeys would vote for Christmas if you asked them to in the right way.