60a St. Margarets Avenue, Raheny (-55k, -12.2%)


This one’s been on the market for almost 2 years, according to the DAFT listing?

Asking 450k in June 2015
Then 425k in March 2016
Now 395k
daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-sa … n-1077167/
Detached House | 3 Beds | 2 Baths, 1050sqft/c.98sqm, €376/sq ft


I wonder if it’s because the house isn’t in Raheny - it’s in Raheny-sur-mer or as it is more commonly known Kilbarrack. Somebody who wants to buy a house in Raheny isn’t going to be fooled - as soon as they zoom out on the map they’re going to see ‘Kilbarrack’ written across the pin marker. I don’t know why EAs do this - somebody who wants to buy a house in Kilbarrack has probably ruled out Raheny as too expensive so they won’t find this house (which might be why its not selling) in a search for ‘Kilbarrack’ when it’s listed as Raheny. A friend pointed out exactly this same argument to an EA who suggested he listed his house as ‘Ballsbridge’ when it was very obviously in Ringsend (in a pre-Google era when Ringsend was not remotely fashionable) - ‘Will the fella who wants to live beside his Mammy in Ringsend be looking for houses in Ballsbridge?’


Technically, you’re correct of course. But I would know a good few people who grew up in those 1950s detached bungalows in what is the original “old” Kilbarrack. They were the sons and daughters of school teachers, Civil Servants, and mainly business and professional people. (A former Government Minister still lives there as far as I know) Many of those houses have now been extended and modernised and go for decent money. The bulk of the council houses which were built in the late 1960s and early 1970s are on the other side of the railway tracks and there’s quite a clear border between the two parts of Kilbarrack. This house, which I don’t particularly like, is probably closer to what is known locally as “Blackbanks” than it is to Raheny.


I’d say its due to the cramped bedrooms and back ‘garden’ situation…

Speaking of the back…comparing pic 11 to what the neighbors have (see Google Earth view), I’d have felt irked to be asked to pay 450 for that. God bless ‘A’ developments, eh? No wonder its been around for a while.