61% cuts in Wicklow - Times Property

Nice house, at a price that’s not completely insane.

I’d love to know whether the bank or the developer has taken a haircut on this.


Link - daft.ie/12232

and irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 68562.html

Why do “journalists” or whatever these guys are called continue to peddle this shit. Why the fuck does everything have to be a development opportunity. It could make a nice home for somebody, leave it at that.

Please log any further price drops on this property at viewtopic.php?f=14&t=21324. Thanks!

Probably neither given that it didn’t actually sell at the €7m price.

I think you’ll find that the “journalist” had relatively little input. Their job is to transcribe the ramblings of EA’s.

EA’s on the other hand need to throw in the development potential in order to justify the price. During the boom it was common for the sellers to ask prices that really the property should only be worth after it was developed. It’s kind of like saying, “I can’t be bothered putting in the hard work developing this, but I’d like the financial rewards.”


They want €2.75m and they can’t be bothered to take pictures with a decent camera. The photos on daft look as if they have been taken on a 7 year old camera phone.

It’s ridiculous that they’re asking that price seeing that this place daft.ie/1405081 not very far from it is on 162 acres (compared it the other ones 10) and has an extra 1,600 sq ft is asking only 150k more :angry: