61 Eglinton Road, Donnybrook

That Indo article was written probably by a time-pressed reporter in maybe five or ten minutes, with an equal time commitment to background research. These top-ten lists are generally just filler that reporters spew out when they need some column inches fast. Do not put too much trust in it. Two drunks in a pub could do as well or better. Not sure that this is relevant to the discussion, but anyway. You are right about Eglington – not in top ten or even, I guess, top 20.

+1 about the quality of that article (and frankly most articles that appear in that paper), it should be totally disregarded as it offers little in the way of truth.
The fact is that there is no absolute ‘Top 10’ or ‘Top 20’ as roads in Dublin have such varying quality houses on good roads.

Firstly, the minute I read that there are ‘23 houses’ on Shrewsbury Road I can already tell the entire article isn’t worth reading. There are 31, but naturally the Indo doesn’t get too caught up in facts. Shrewsbury Road is definitely the top road and is unlikely to change, bar if both Walford and Chester Beatty site are badly developed - the latter already has permission to be overdeveloped, hopefully won’t come to fruition.

After that, Ailesbury Road has a good number of exceptionally desirable houses (mainly the detached ones) with the rest mostly very good, and some quite ordinary on the Western half (the modern ones) - it is also a relatively busy road, which is a deciding factor.

If you were to break streets up, the eastern side of Temple Road is more valuable than Ailesbury Road. If you are to take a road as a whole, Temple Road is home to primarily ordinary houses and a large unimportant townhouse development - the average value of houses on the street would be put it behind the likes of Avoca Avenue in Blackrock. The problem with all these lists is that they are near impossible to make without being very specific about which parts of the roads you’re referring to. They also give Park Avenue as No. 5, saying 30 houses have traded hands, when in fact there aren’t even 30 top class houses on Park Avenue, with the majority being relatively ordinary.

Speaking of, Cross Avenue is very unlikely to be a long-term feature of any ‘most exclusive’ list. Once Chesterfield is developed as a high-density development, finally destroying the last estate on the street, there will still be a few nice houses, but generally speaking it is constantly losing its magic.

For Dalkey, they comically list Coliemore Road as No. 7 with no mention of the actual best road, i.e. Vico Road. Coliemore Road, again, is a total mish-mash of styles and houses of varying desirabilities - some absolutely rubbish, some very good - certainly no comparison to Vico Road, though.

Kerrymount Avenue definitely deserves its spot.

On the Northside, Cheancor Road well deserves its spot. Houses on Thormanby Road (stretch from Carrickbrack Road to Bailey Green Road) would make it into the Top 20. In Malahide, Church Road (namely Windsor and Carlisle Terrace, which face one another, and a few other houses further up The Hill - ‘Tir na Nog’, ‘Thormanby’, ‘Lerrig Lodge’, ‘Ormiston’(as a site), ‘Rahona’ & ‘Teakwood’) might make it also.

As for Eglinton Road, it certainly isn’t Top 10 but it is one of the best roads in Dublin. Great location, albeit it a very busy road, with a high quality of housing stock. With the exception of the Eastern end with the horrific office development (which will undoubtedly be pulled down in the future), most of the bad modern developments on the road are hidden or down side roads. The newest development, Glaunsharoon, is very high quality and attracted plenty of very wealthy buyers. In terms of houses, there are some relatively big names living on the street, and recently the new owners of Loyola House have created what is undoubtedly one of Dublin’s finest residences after an extraordinary seven-figure renovation.

Another point is that the list is in some ways fluid, in that Temple Gardens was not always considered to be so highly ranked - the likes of Raglan & Wellington Roads would likely have outranked it years ago, while now the strong desire for gardens and the rising popularity of D6 - particularly the Luas areas - has made it possible for it to be considered so desirable. Love the street myself, but it wasn’t always ranked so highly. You’ll find, though, that these type of silly lists can vary year on year depending on what agents are trying to shift, or are hoping to shift in the near future.

Speaking of Eglinton, does anyone know how this grotesquely ugly entrance was allowed to be constructed from a house on Eglinton onto Donnybrook Road?


On second thought, I concede that SoCoDu is right about Eglington Road – it has a lot of traffic but the housing stock is quite excellent, especially with the big refurbishments recently near the Sandford Road end. But Eglington does have a heavy flow of noisy traffic, which detracts a bit despite the high quality of the houses.

Slow moving traffic is rarely noisy :slight_smile:

I’m currently driving on Eglinton Road and beeped my horn outside 61 just to prove you wrong.

The PIN is truely omnipotent :smiley:

Sorry - was trying to attach a google streetview image and it didn’t work.

Tis the house right on the corner, with a PVC/glass porch on the ground level, and a huge window on the first floor apparently inserted in the gable end of a house (if anyone knows it).

There was a lump chopped off the house in the 1980’s to widen the road and that was the outcome.

Seems to have disappeared.

Mad pricing in my view.

Probably linked to this …


My God

Somebody got nailed on 61 Eglington Road paying 3.6m at the end of 2015 ???
PPR Price: € 3,600,000

Can only be an embassy or corporate, or someone who got no advice and/or can’t use the internet. If they could, they would see 69 Eglington Road for example, just went for at 1.2m in March 2016. (after #69 having been asking 2.75m via the same agent and failing at auction). #69 is certainly an inferior house to #61 (in all aspects), but not 1/3 as inferior ?!?!?

#61 went for at least 1m over what it is worth.
Colliers used their UK branch network to nail an overseas buyer here (tried same thing but failed with #69).

For example:

#72 Eglinton Road, which sold for 2.6m in 2014 (at the mini-peak), and had probably the biggest south facing garden on Eglinton Road (#61 was north facing and a smaller garden), is another case in point (and why #69’s original asking was so ridiculed).
#72 Eglinton Road is featured on SoCoDu’s excellent Dublin’s Great Estates (I don’t think #61 will be featured?)

#85 Eglinton Road, which also sold for 2.6m in mid 2014 at auction, was also on the wrong side of the road (like #61 and #69) but was a massive (and beautiful) fully detached period house on a 0.60 acre site.

Another cautionary tale of a foreign buyer acting without independent advice in D4 / D6.

Reminds me of the ex. pat who got nailed on 33 Raglan Road (3.125m in June 2012 at the bottom of the market), and 18 months later (well into the recovery with most prices up +30%), 31 Raglan Road (which was in almost identical condition, and in fact 31 was slightly better structural condition), went for 2.3m. The guy had hired a local EA to act as his “buyside” agent (even though they were mainly “sellside” agents) and reaped the rewards of that strategy. That is what 61 Eglinton Road is like (and what the same agent tried to do with 69 Eglinton Road, but could not nail another UK buyer, hence the big price drop).

They should check out the 2013 vs. 2016 pricing trends in D4 of the following (all domestic buyers):
(a) 55 vs 57 Merrion Road thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=65783
(b) 70 vs. 56 Ailesbury Road thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=65271
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