61 Lower Albert Road, Sandycove -€605k (-37.8%)

From May 2006 was €1.6m.

Now €1.15

Something curious here. A search brings up a refused planning application, which was then subsequently appealed. I wonder it this a new, (re-)sale?

Looks like this planning permission has now been granted.

“Full p.p. for a 150.5 sq m (approx) single storey extension to the rear”

Yes, buy this place, spend another 200k on it and then you can sell it in a year for what? €800k?

Now 1.1m
property.rte.ie/residential/sear … PYOQ378269

Yeah cos that should bring a few bids in…

Now €995k


Now Sale Agreed.

Vendor was looking to accept €700k for this (was told this by someone familiar with situation).

Clearly SF did not see fit to reduce so-called asking price from €995k - if this gives a window on the relationship between asking prices and actual sale price agreed, it suggests a 30% “haircut” (in current fashionable parlance) is not unreasonable for those pinsters who are beginning to have a sniff around…

That’s very interesting - especially as this was originally €1.6m - I’m surprised it has gone that low - its a very nice house as is (viewed it) with a great back yard, parking and planning permission for a big extension. Though according to the EA the vendors have already moved to the states - I’d say there’s a good sense of realism over there.

This place was originally bought in July 2006 for “in the region of” 1.6 having guided 1.4 at auction…the vendor has not moved to the states by the way…it seems that SF are incapable of telling the truth about anything!!!
In any case, at €700k, this works out at 476 per square foot…hardly a bargain.

From now on, please post evidence of any claims made on this thread. In particular, post evidence of any prices you claim.

I think this demonstrates one of the flaws of the current sq ft pricing formula - it doesn’t take into consideration development potential. As this house already has planning permission it has to be considered. Would push the price below 400 sq ft. Of course this is all on the presumption that the house sold for 700k.

Big SF SOLD sign outside the house now.

Renovated and back on sale for €1.5m

Great renovation job but I’m really surprised that someone saw this as a viable investment opportunity in the current market.


I recognised this straight away as well!

€666 per square foot and not a hope in hell (pardon the pun) of getting that.

That renovation job is not to everyone’s taste either. Personally I like period houses well…period, not looking like hundreds of hotel rooms I’ve stayed in on work trips (but maybe that’s just me!)

I think that might actually be two houses knocked together…

you might think so for the price! but no look at the floorplans - it’s one (long narrow) house

I know that’s the floor plan, but I think originally this was two separate houses.

I’ve walked past the building site a few times, and I’m sure that they had blocked up the second door…

I also remember when the one right next to the pub was being sold as well, it was definitely two houses at that point.

If that’s the case, then someone is taking a severe bath even if they get 1.5m (which as you rightly point out, they wont).

There is another Celtic Cub kennel across the road, also looking for 1.5m and another smaller house on the corner looking for €755k (which they wont get).

Interesting to see how all this pans out.

EDIT - Thinking of the wrong house! There is another undergoing renovation further down that street that’s yet to be finished.

big blurb in the times today irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 07104.html

“A plus for new owners will be the full-sized Viking “professional wine fridge” and separate champagne fridge; alcove seating on either side of the wine fridge is a fun and comfortable touch.”

oh dear…that’s soooo 2006…

Now down to 1.35m
myhome.ie/residential/search … ity/465984