62 Esker Lawns Lucan

3 bed semi advertised on myhome.ie (sorry I can’t seem to paste the link) in Esker Lawns, mature estate in Lucan village, good condition, very impressive sized, private garden. Asking price is €299,500. Anyone have any opinions on what it is worth.

I realize it’s a pretty vague question but any input appreciated please.


Theres another one in the same estate asking 279,000


Thanks for the link.

Yes saw that other house online too, have not viewed it yet though.

Nice estate, live around the corner from it. As you said it’s mature, hardly any kids in these estates, mostly elderly people. 10 minute walking distance from all the schools and the village so it’s handy.

Still I’d hold out for a 25%+ drop but that’s just me. Know your limits, stress test how much you can pay if interest rates go up, property tax, water charges coming down the line etc. There is a 20,000 difference in those 2 houses already.

Nothing to write home about this one. It’s a three bed semi in Lucan, in need of a fair update. What’s it worth? 230 grand if I’m being generous, closer to 180k though in reality.