62 Springhill Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin (-€100K, -25.3%)

4 Bed Semi-Detached House 115.9 m² / 1248 ft² For Sale
Started at €395
Now asking €295

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1976786

collapso.dyndns.org/JavaHost/ser … id=1471988

Wow !

I would be ***stunned ***if it didn’t sell for much higher.
Looks to me like the owners are just serious about selling.
I’d wish them ‘good luck’, but at that price, I don’t think they will need it.

no 59 is asking €320k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1475762

I’m really confused about the garden aspect (actually I’m not).

Both houses are on the north side of the road, and both have north-north-westerly facing gardens.
No. 62 is described as “west facing”, and no. 59 as “south westerly”. Do they really think people are that stupid as not to notice?

On the plus side, the wrong side of the road in Springhill is the other side where you have a glorious view of thousand of graves when you pull back your curtains in the morning. I’d rather a north-north-westerly facing garden than that, thanks very much.

No 62 definitely looks priced to attract offers, though you’re looking at a lot of cash to put into it. Also, I doubt if you’re in the catchment area for Holly Park school as it (the school) is in the Foxrock Parish.

Why say you a lot of cash? Do you know something about it structurally?

What is Deansgrange cemetary like? Personally, I think cemetaries can be quite picturesque, if they’re not too industial-looking and at least you know the neighbours will be quiet. :wink:

Deansgrange is fine. No new plots available, so the only new burials are an ever decreasing number of burials in existing plots. Shanganagh would be the active cemetery for this part of the south side. Deansgrange will soon be in maintenance only mode, though I think it will be half a dozen housing bubbles hence before it eventually gets recycled as a building site.

but you probably would be in catchment for Carysfort NS which is impossible to get into unless in the catchment. So the buyer/owner of this would still most probably be able to get into HP also if he/she wished (but would need to queue up early on application day)… :smiley: Win win situation imo

+1 Good selling strategy to drum up interest. Unless there is an underlying issue.

Need some modernisation but if you got it low 300s you’d be happy enough

Many moons ago I attended Hollypark and some of my classmates were from this area.

It may be in the catchment but I’d want to hear it from the principal myself!

Carysfort? Not a kechanski. Most likely it’s Guardian Angels on Newtownpark Avenue (unless it is in fact Holly Park).

Well it obviously needs a complete refresh. :confused:

New kitchen, bathrooms, insulation. At least one internal wall knocked down. So even if that was it - there’s a few quid to spend there.
It’s also possible you’ll end up rewiring, fitting a new boiler, and who knows what else might be going on.
(And that’s before even mentioning an extension!)

Ok, I agree with the kitchen. We don’t know its insulation status, but it’s quite likely going to want doing (loft is cheap, not so sure about walls); similarly wiring, again, we don’t know its age. I don’t see that the other stuff needs to be done urgently beyond ordinary decorating. And demolition? :confused: Where?
What would you want the extension for? Just curious here, personally I’d value the larger garden more (though I’m not in the market for a 4 bed house myself).

The kitchen and fourth bedroom are crying out to be made into a single room (unless you throw an extension out the back).
I only mentioned an extension as 115sqm isn’t particularly big, and if you’re going to redo the kitchen/4th bedroom at the back it would make financial sense to add one at the same time. There’s would still be plenty of room left in the garden with one, imo.

Also I’m wondering are those damp patches on the kitchen ceiling?
Don’t get me wrong - I think this place is a potentially nice house that is sensibly priced! I just suspect Sherry Fitz know what needs to be done.

I was also wondering about those dark areas…

Me too…I loved Hollypark great school! Lots of my classmates came from this estate.

this house is in the hollypark catchment area amongst others mentioned of good secondary schools!!! it also has a tennis courts and playground at the top of the road it is located in a quiet cul-de sac/ of well settled residents. this house has only had is located in a well sought areas and is in a safe area for rearing children - i know the area is great for schools shops hospitals sea. these houses were built well–sure sherrys couldnt lie about the west facing garden - just look at the shadows of the pictures the sun is beeming on it. If I had the money Iwould go for it.

great house in the areas for hollypark school,in foxrock parish, residential area with tennis courts and playground at the top of the cul de sac, in the right area for shops secondary schools, transport and hospitals and sea. these are well built houses as i know them well and the avenue is lovely leafy with lovely long gardens front and back and a garage an extra bonus now a days!!! this house isonly going to increase in value with the shortage of land and houses in this sought after area.

So good, you’d buy it twice?

or maybe sell…

You’re right - Sherry’s couldn’t lie. It must be those earth has tilted on it’s axis and now north has become south.

To be fair I’d give SF the benefit of the doubt and suggest they based the orientation on the incorrectly placed house on Google maps. More benefit of the doubt than I’d give your opportune post in this thread. :wink:

My MY full of the joys of life!!! Maybe seeing is beliving. Maybe you need to post smiliey faces as you posts seems very negative especailly as you have no idea of your facts.

I think it is quite likely that you are an EA although that, of course, cannot be proved as we are all posting anonymously here!
However it is harder to fool people on this website than on Boards.ie (for example) where I read a thread on a new housing estate in Maynooth where there were some posts very similar to yours using language that felt like “marketing”. When replying, the person defending themselves from the “accusation” of being an EA was far less defensive and managed to get the “accuser” to back down and kept posting about how fantastic the houses were, though in a much more low key way :slight_smile: