65 Orwell Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6

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Lovely house. Sought after area, looks in reasonable nick

Sold for 820k punts in early 2000

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I imagine it will get the asking given recent activity and pricing

£820k is €1041k.

Now asking €1295k

€1.3 million for a (n albeit nice) semi-d - lunacy.

Agree, on reflection I’m suprised how easily Id accept it may get asking. This shoud probably be priced a good bit lower but I’d say someone will stump up the cash

Thing is I’d probably agree with you - still lunacy tho.

Went to see this on Saturday, a good few people there. A very very ordinary house, 3 pokey rooms downstairs, long narrow kitchen, no period features or any features for that matter. I thought it was a new build although it needs more than a lick of paint, worn carpets etc. Upstairs is better with a few ensuites but none of the rooms are particularly big. Nice garder, the usual decking which made it like a ice ring
Very busy and nosy road but I can see it hitting asking seems to be the type of house they seems to go very quickly

What do you think of this one on orwell road for 525 ?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2308883

it seems like a pretty good price for detached southfacing house which needs work , until I saw this identical one around the corner - 27 Eaton Brae - which is off the main road which makes it a better house - went for 440 on the price register in 2011.

myhome.ie/priceregister/27-e … in-6-29465

how much do you think 172 Orwell might go for ? - if it gets 500 then there really is truth in this bounce…

The house is c 1920s so not much available in the form of period features.

The small kitchen extension to the so-called office was poor - it has a flat roof. The two ensuites upstairs are also quite poor. Cracked tiling on a raised wooden base to hide the plumbing.

The kitchen area is very poor with four interconnected areas. The redesign was poor. The back of the house is north facing. The sliding door to the back room is jammed.

The garage conversion made it look smaller than it is.

You would need to remove the decking and extend out like the neighbours did.

The attic room was surprisingly small given the width of the house. The stairs occupies a lot of available space.

The road is always busy and getting in and out at peak times would be difficult. However, it within walking distance of Rathgar village so the location is good.

It is very expensive for its size. But the disfunctional market and the lack of supply should mean it achieves close to its price, unless buyers get smart and hold their nerve. Bigger houses have sold for a lot smaller per square foot price recently.

It has, I guess, some of the “trappings” of an expensive house. And just as people pay an irrational premium for ethanol and vodka when you put it in a bottle labelled Grey Goose, they may pay a premium for a house in rathgar with pillars on the gate, a double-front, and a drive-in.

In it’s way, it may not be much more irrational than the premium that house on Lambay got lately.

However, I was worried to see this

I’m all for community spirit and taking an interest in your fellow man, but I definitely don’t want neighbours prying into my personal affairs. Especially problematic in a semi-detached house, can get neighbours drilling micro-holes in the wall to insert fibre-optics and microphones.

You don’t want to end up with this sort of scenario:

So budget a couple hundred k extra just for jamming devices, regular bug sweeps, and extra-heavy curtains/shutters.

Sorry I meant noisy :slight_smile:

€1.3m! It’s in Ranelagh, not one of the leafier burbs of the banker belt of South London! Properties of similar size and specification in the nice areas of SW London populated by the very well remunerated management and mid ranking trader types of The City command that sort of price (the £1m-£1.5 mark). Ranelagh, an all be it very nice suburb of Dublin, a city with less than one sixth of London’s population, lower average incomes and none of the wide spread property shortages that London experiences (despite what Estate Agents here claim), can hardly justifiably sustain such prices.

Still, no doubt someone with more money than sense will be along soon …

Blue Horseshoe

From the comments of viewers(smallish rooms, lack of period features and suspect extension at the back), and taking account of garden orientation and busy road this might not get asking after all, maybe 1.1?

Or maybe Rathgar is different after all

It’s Rathgar

If you look at what you can buy in the likes of putney, Richmond, wimbledon, etc not sure if it’s that bad allowing for fx (im a bit out of touch though so could be wrong)

Though I agree that Dublin is piss ant city compared to London which still ranks as one of the major financial centres

Sorry, yes Rathgar.

Demand for and ability of potential buyers to pay in and around the areas you mentioned is unmatched here in Ireland and the reason why prices there are at high and increasing levels. Very few households, let alone individuals have income levels of around £250K pa which is where many in the bracket I mention would be. Nice house in a nice area, but way off the mark in terms of real world value. But, as the bubble showed, there is a cohort out there would will pay well over realistic values for a “trophy house”. How many of them are “left standing”, let alone solvent in the current economy is another matter.

Blue Horseshoe

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This is looking for around the same. It not all that desirable.

Southfields is a good bit out and is a bit of a trek. No 65 . Looks ok ish relatively

sale agreed quickly at presumably a high price

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2323201

Sold for €2,601,412 (twice the asking price?!?!?)
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-90839/

That is the sale price for 65 Orwell Park (which was asking 2.5m)

Oops, my mistake. Nothing to see here, please keep moving along…