66 Bushy Park Road, Rathgar (-2150k, -74%)

Didn’t sell at auction in Oct. 06. Then listed for 2.9m. See here under D6. The 12th house mentioned.
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … y17584.asp

Now 2.5M
www2.myhome.ie/search/property.a … earchlist=

EDIT - Oct 8th - unavailable

Judging by the rental ad on Daft here from Oct 07, the owners decided to rent out the house for 4k per month rather than sell.

Back on the market…


Well, if it wasn’t worth 2.5m to any buyer in 2007, I can’t see it shifting for 2.3m now. :angry:

viewed this house 2007 needs a lot of work but lovely house .At the time we put in an offer so glad they did not accept .Appears very expensive now when you see what else is out there .not worth much more then a million now


According to this article tribune.ie/article/2007/may/13/bushy-park-road-rathgar-dublin-6-25m/

No. 66 is 3,055sq ft, @ €2.3m

€753 per sq ft

In today’s market this should be more like €400 per sq ft or €1.22m
I am actually dubious about square footage, and it looks like the 6th bedroom is the attic conversion. Garden looks pretty small too.
In the future market this should be around €150 per sq ft or €458k

Will this really happen…

Peoples perception of value in house prices has been perverted, a reduction in price from 550k to 450k is considered value.
I know one FTB couple who purchased a new build 3 bed in Dublin just last month for that price without bargaining any further.
The reason being that it seemed like a good price to them…

Another couple I know of have purchased a house in Cork, they decided to go ahead with it because they doubt they would get such a good mortgage offer if they waited longer.

I don’t think people are aware that in 1998 the bacon report was commissioned because property was dangerously overpriced.
People have very short memories when it comes to prices.

Soon the old perception in terms of value, will be held less and less, and lack of ability to buy at these prices, due to lack of finance, will be more what determines the eventual valuation. I give more explanation here viewtopic.php?f=10&t=19998

Now €2m (-900k, -31%)


On the market over 2.5 years and its moved from Rathgar to Terenure.

66A Bushy Park Road also available - @ €1.3m … :unamused:

myhome.ie/residential/search … JDEQ359420

May have had an impact on NO. 66 price …

€1.3m for €1,194 sq ft. Are they for real. Who the hell are advising on pricing. I swear, some people are off their marbles and still think that they are living in celtic tiger times.

€1,089 per square foot on bushy park road. i have seen it all now.

In my opinion it would adversely impact 66 even if it wasn’t for sale. Having a new house squeezed into what would have been the space between 66 and 67 (perhaps their garages?) would put me off either house.

After over 2 years on the market

Now 1.5 million


2 houses next door to each other. €200k difference. I think i know which i would go for…

€1.5 for this www.daft.ie/1436914


€1.3 for this myhome.ie/residential/search … JDEQ359420

Back up to 1.75 million on daft


Good one. If you can’t sell it at 1.5 mln ask for more. I guess the economic meltdown was just a mistake then. :laughing:

Available to rent @ €2790 per month:


That’s a gross yield of 1.92% … :open_mouth:

Back down to 1.5 million again


I was waiting for someone else to do this but since no one else has …

Back up to 1.75 million


Yo yo house pricing - guaranteed to get the punters in the door.

But sure they cant sell it for less than its worth surely. :unamused: