66 Sutton Park, Sutton (-300K -37%)

Was €795K

Now €760K

Previously 820k
irishpropertywatch.5gbfree.com/i … 00707.html

Now 730k

Now 665k



Now 565k

Now 520K

Drove by today - it’s sold. anyone know what it went for?

Ah… Sutton Park, Sutton…conforms to my theory that any address that feels the need to mention the location twice is not really in the area it wants to be in. I’m from that neck of the woods myself and Sutton Park is a long way from 'real Sutton - two parishes away from Sutton Parish in fact!

New York, New York…

At least New York City is in New York State. Sutton Park is technically in Killbarrack!

Yeah but their asking prices were in Sutton or maybe Dalkey. :angry: