67 Manor Street, Stoneybatter, D7 (-475k, -73%)

Property Bee History:

13 November 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €520,000’ to ‘Region €480,000’
18 October 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €570,000’ to ‘Region €520,000’
12 September 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €650,000’ to ‘Region €570,000’
09 May 2008
* Initial entry found.


Now 420k

Now 380k

How did they honestly think that a run down old terraced house in stoneybatter was worth €640k in May 2008. What was it priced at in 2006?

Not even worth €200k. At least its dropping by 40k a month. So in 4-5 months it might be worth a look.

I viewed this place a few months ago, and Jesus… it’s in a terrible state. You’d need a big bag of money to get it into shape! It’s a shell really, nothing more. It’s one of those houses where you want to wash your hands in boiling dettol after viewing.

The house next door has been let fall into a worse state from what I could see from the back of the house, so I’m sure that’s going to affect selling price too.

It’s a nice location though (in my opinion), and it does have a good size - but narrow - back garden with rear access. Can’t imagine them getting anything like the asking price for it.

Is the shell structurally sound? If so, might it get a bite at €100k? If not, will they pay someone to take it off their hands?

Structurally it is ok… It was in January I viewed it, so going from memory here. It is rough though - was too much work for my liking, I was afraid to throw in an offer of even 150k in case it got accepted.

Take a look though if that’s what you’re in the market for, see what you think yourself. There might be better shells you could spend your money on to be honest. Some serious leaks in the roof/ceiling, you can see daylight through one crack. So new roof… Damp proofing… Knock existing extension, cost of rebuiling new one… all adds up to a lot.

I doubt very much they’d take 100k. They’re probably still hoping to get 300 out of it, 250 at worst. Not that I think that will happen.

1,280 Sq. Feet @ €380k

€297 per sq ft

This is what they are pinning the high asking on IMO. When will they fecking get it??

Now 320k


Sale agreed

Back at 295k

Sale agreed now.

Back on the market at 250k now.

Sold and currently being cleared out. Last seen at 185k (via irishpropertywatch.com/salesSearchResults.php?Address=67+manor+street&Beds=any&Type=any&Region=Co.+Dublin">Irish%20Property%20Watch

Sold for €175k on 27/07/2011
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