67 South Circular Road, Dublin 8 (-450k, -64.3%)

Was 700k, 680k

Now 550k

This place was derelict for some years. I think a builder may own it as the builders sign is underneath the EA one, and it looks like they have done a bit of work on the roof. The next door one which was pretty much in the same nick, was completely redone in the last couple of years. It would be a lovely place, and is set back from the road enough that traffic noise should be reduced, and has parking space for at least 2 cars. Very handy location albeit a fairly busy road.
The amount of money though needed to do this up would be huge though, so this deffo needs to come down substantially.

in fact it is completely burned inside. More drops to come.

Now 250k.

Total drop of 450k or 64.3%

€138.88 /sq. ft. Not bad.

I still think 250 is too much for a wreck

Contacted EA, apparently there is an offer of 225 on it.

On one side of this house is another wreck of a house. Wouldn’t like living next to it!

The question of course is, how much would it cost to finish ?
Would it be as high as €300k ?

Saw this place, would need a lot of money to renovate considering it’s a protected structure there’s loads of rules to follow. Original floors to put in and special type of plastering to start with. Needs to come down a lot further than 250k.

Apparently offer of €250k on it now. Looks like it’s going to go for that.

As the EAs would say, “needs modernisation” or “would suit a DIY enthusiast” 8)

Renovated, now back on the market at 970k :exclamation:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2297663
1900 ft² / 176.52 m²
€510/sq ft, terraced, small back garden, not the most salubrious part of town :unamused:

New listing at 800k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2626149
€421/sq ft

Whenever I see the Owen Reilly moniker attached to a non apartment, I automatically discount the asking price substantially. It’s similar to the Felicity Fox effect.

Like with this place for example?


Seems they have done a good job on the place. From above it was burned out at one stage. Bit pricey at 800K though. Anyone had a look at it or guess what’ll go for?

Laughable wide lens photos. Why does the EA bother? “Well its tiny in real life, but now that I’ve showed up for the viewing I might as well buy it anyway”