670k for 3bed in Cabra

Looking in D7 area for 3 beds at the moment.

This seems to be about 150-200k over the comparable asking prices locally for very similar properties - size, BER, bedroom and bathroom count etc myhome.ie/residential/broch … 71/4281825

Am I missing something?!

The lobotomy you’d need to pay that asking

Actual adjoining semi went for 592 in June.

675k for 105 sqm…in Cabra…sweet divine mother of God. No wonder prices are starting to fall again

It’s an asking price?

People are free to ask what they want, perhaps if they don’t want to sell they’ll ask something ridiculous. Perhaps they have a plan - if we could get X for the house we could move to the Canaries and keep a small flat in Dublin and we could both retire early - let’s try it and see.

It only takes one sucker

Perhaps, but surely no one could be THAT much of a sucker?

It’s just that we have been looking at these houses same size same condition in the area for 8 or 9 weeks now and never seen one over 550k. Most are 475ish. I feel compelled to go and view it now to see what the pics aren’t showing.

That’s Cabra East on the rich side of Cabra Road not the 30’s corpo estate. Some lovely houses in there, close to the park/Phibsboro and Stoneybatter, which are Gentrifying areas. This is the part of Cabra the Kinihans are from, not the two up, two down that people associate with Cabra. Technically the area along the Navan Road up to the Halfway house is Cabra too. They renamed themselves sometime ago.

There are some big redbrick houses on the North Circular Road being restored to their former glory - usually in a pitiful state. (Particularly popular with younger legal types priced out of Rathar/Working the Criminal Courts/Four Goldmines)

I can only assume someone is hoping the cachet is rubbing off but it’s a crazy price considering much more gentrification of the area is needed

Agreed €670K is a mad price for that gaff


Looks safe.

There’s no radiator in that room. It would usually go under the window, wouldn’t it?

“Usually” is a good one :slight_smile:

When I bought my house, one of the bedrooms had the radiator on the opposite wall of the window, I guess it will be the same here. (And had a fireplace in there as well - mid 50’ies standard heating system I guess).
One of the first things I did when I touched the heating system was to move the radiator under the windows. No idea why it was done that way previously.

Usually out of a misplaced desire not to lose heat out of the window. Which is great until the condensation starts.

Explain that one to me?

As I understand it, radiators are traditionally positioned under windows to warm the inner face of the glass, to prevent condensation forming (warm humid air on a cold surface).

If you have high performing double or triple glazing it may be unnecessary. But then if that’s the case putting a radiator under the window is no harm, as you usually wouldn’t put anything else there.

The theory is you heat the coldest part of the room. To get a convection going. Of course draping curtains over a radiator isn’t a great idea either.

I have a condensation issue in my house. None of the rooms have a radiator under the window but there’s condensation on the windows most mornings, even when the heating isn’t on. It’s double glazing but probably in a good few years

Unless the radiator is heating the bejaysus out of the room/window it’s not going to solve the condensation issue.

More air changes (ventilation) required or else get a dehumidifier (dessicant wheel types work best in cool damp climate as they heat the air a bit; see Meaco or Ecoair)

Get a humidity meter for approx 10€ if it bothers you

Thanks, have a dehumidifier that I got last black friday. It worked well and was full most nights though never solved the issue. Some rooms have vents, others don’t and thats something which is on my to-do list.

Anyways, I’ve derailed this thread enough. Apologies