677 Collins Ave, Whitehall, Dublin 9 (-185k, -34%)

Property Bee:
19 July 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Excess €500,000’ to ‘Region €455,000’
12 May 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Excess €520,000’ to ‘Excess €500,000’
12 February 2008
* Initial entry found.


Now 405k


According to property bee it’s been on the market for a year.

It also started at 540k according to some new data on the property bee.

Reduced to 355k now!

Almost value.

Not quite, but getting there.

Pretty sure this was sale agreed for a couple of weeks. Sale must have fallen through.

To me this perfectly represents what could be described as an ‘average’ suburban 3 bed that is without the location premium for areas like Clontarf, Blackrock, etc.

So would it be fair to say that 245k (3.5 x 70k) is a an appropiate valuation?

A ways to go yet but in reality you could probably secure it today with an offer 300k.


I am confused , where do you get the 3 x 70 from? Is that the average wage for the working man/women/couple or some such?

245K still seems a lot given the neighbourhood and taxation. But wtf do i know, I think everything in Ireland is overpriced inculding a pint of stout or a liter of petrol.

Based on photograph and house number this house is a good distance away from the position on the daft.ie map. That wall is failrly distinctive. It’s actually at the Ballymun road end of Collins Avenue and about 150 yards from the gate into DCU. But still some way to fall to get decent rent return though.

yeah, average wage of 35,000 each for a couple and then 3.5 times joint salary giving 245,000. Back before the madness that multiple was roughly what banks were giving for a mortgage. So assuming an average 3 bed family house in an average area that’s the guide price i’d be expecting.

McGoohan, if your right then ya can knock off some more from that guestimate of mine… i was assuming it was near the turn into celtic park which is a grand area. I did notice tho from the map that it’d have a nth facing back garden…

Where’s 2Gaffs? I believe his challenge was a good 3 bed semi in D9 for under 400k. And that the day it happened, he’d be 3Gaffs…

Yep, the map seems wrong, as is the address. The correct address from An Post is:

677 Collins Avenue Extension
Dublin 9