68 Tritonville Road, Sandymount

I would value your opinion on this property, looks like a really nice house and I asked for a viewing on it this week. however, my friend tells me that you get awful sewage smells around this area…is this the case?

I live around the corner, on Herbert Road (renting), and occasionally, when the tide is out, in the summer, there is sort of a smell from the Dodder. For me, it’s not a problem - it’s rare, and even when it’s there, it isn’t bad. But perhaps I’ve lived there too long and become too accustomed to it!

Just been informed by EA, this vendor has accepted an offer just above €1m and will probably go sale agreed by weekend.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this house achieved in excess of €1m. There’s little or no supply approaching this quality in a premium coastal location of SCD - it’s been that way for months now.

I suspect that if the EA had started asking €995k instead of €1.25m, he would have had a nice little bidding war on his hands and got even more.

NOt just SCD. I’m looking in a less salubrious location and there is virtually no quality housing of the type I’m looking for - and prices are sticky, sticky…

At c. 360 per square foot, this is about what trophy houses that are actually selling are going for. This house is in very good condition. The back garden is very small. The road is narrow and quite busy. The fourth bedroom in the first floor is unrealistic. But, it still is a trophy house in a good location near to the sea, town and public transport.

Sherry Fitzgerald got an offer of a million very quickly and tried to attract more interest to drive the price up. The reason there was no bidding war is probably that is what the house is worth and the days of upping bids in increments of 50,000 are long gone. In the real world, people have worked out that 50,000 is actually a lot of money and not just a pretend number amortised on an interest only loan over 35 years. Clearly the sellers were realistic and took the offer rather than waiting for a non-existent better offer.

Houses asking more that this just are not selling. There are way too many houses asking for 500 - 700 per square foot and they are not as nice as this. They only thing that is sticky about them is that they are remaining unsold. There are lessons here for buyers and estate agents that are just not being learned.

There is nothing you can do only wait it out.

Thank you all…interesting and a good overview thanks jxbr

I was informed this went for just under 1.25 mill. Not sure if additional bids were received or EA is talking up the market. I suspect the latter. Big difference between just over 1 mill and just under 1.25 mill. Anyone have any clarity/knowledge on which it is?

Just under €1.25m is correct - this is not EA exaggeration. Can’t reveal my source.

And here’s the link …


Cracker of a house.
Probably wouldn’t have got much change out of €3m in 2006.

On this, and quite a few other threads, you certainly appear to have the ‘inside track’ on all property transactions in Dublin over the last few months.

Are you perchance the Property Price Database avatar, ditrsibuting the data to the pin as a gesture of goodwill?

:laughing: Sadly I can’t claim omniscience in this regard. The network of contacts that I’ve developed over two years of very actively searching for a house is limited to SCD.

However, in that region I have established extremely good relations with most EAs and I personally know at least 30 active househunters in the area. They in turn know others and during my search I always kept an ear very close to the ground and made it my business to learn as much as possible about every property of even vague interest to me. I’ve also often come by information about properties of peripheral or no interest to me personally. Whenever I’ve seen a thread on the pin relating to a property I know something about, I contribute what I know - to me, that’s how this kind of forum should work. I’ve also often received PMs from people searching in the areas I know about and whenever I’m able to I’ve been happy to respond by offering my knowledge or advice.

You seem surprised or sceptical that one person can learn quite a bit about the properties in a given region. In the short period during which I’ve participated on this forum, I’ve noticed that some posters are at times heavily over-reliant on the internet as a source of information. For example, I’ve often obtained accurate information on some topic speculated upon by pinsters, simply by making a single phone call. A network of face-to-face personal contacts is an excellent complement to the internet, as it generates in-depth, specialised “inside-track” information that is often lacking on the web - and information from the closest personal contacts often bears an added level of trustworthiness that is scarce online. It takes time to develop such a network and it can’t be done by sitting behind a screen, but in my search for a house I definitely found it to be worthwhile.

Fair play! I do enjoy your posts on individual houses as they’re always thought provoking even if I don’t always agree & in fairness you know you’re stuff.

At the same time though - if I understand you correctly - the certainty on particular transactions that you have is from hearing from one of your contacts? Who would most likely have heard it from the EA involved? Shouldn’t this then come with the usual ‘according to the EA’ health warning?

In the end it shouldn’t/doesn’t matter too much - whether you’re info is correct or not it will always be from ‘some randomer on d’internet’. That’s not meant to be in any way disparaging to you by the way - just a fact of the medium and, of course, only the opinion of ‘some other randomer on d’internet’!

75 Tritonville Road is also sale agreed:


^It’s more than sale agreed, I saw removal trucks there just before christmas. It had been on the market since April '10 for 795k I think…I’m killed with curiosity to find out how much it went for. Nice house, did consider it but things are so sh!t at the moment, and for the foreseeable future, we are happy to rent for the time being

An excellent strategy and good advice. We bought a house here in the Bay Area last year and pursued a similar approach. Local knowledge, web research, really getting to know neighborhoods and talking to people in the game paid off.

How is this possible? I can’t even think of one person I know who is actively looking to buy a house, never mind 30 and never mind 30 in the same area.

In fact, I hardly know 30 people/families well enough to even know what their housing needs/desires are

You probably know far more househunters than you realise. In my experience people have only told me that they are househunting when I have told them that I am. It’s not something that many people like to advertise, for various reasons. I’ve been surprised at the numbers of people who have opened up to me about the subject, who I would never have guessed were in the market.

Of the 30+ I know, about 15 are people I have met over the past couple of years through my business activities. I don’t believe any of them would have mentioned they were looking for a house if I hadn’t dropped it into the conversation. Then there are 5 or 6 people I’ve got to know from meeting them at viewings since 2009 - of course I’ve met a lot more than that but I’m only counting the ones I could actually put a name to and drop a line if I had a question. The rest are people in my social circle. Some are friends or former colleagues I’ve stayed in touch with but more are friends of friends, about whose househunting activities I’ve been told and whom I have contacted with a view to strengthening my network.

Over the course of all of this it has often struck me that in the digital age there are many people who consider themselves connected because they are online but don’t have the first clue of how to go about real networking and have no idea of its value.

I agree with Sharper.

My daughter just started school this year. Just in her class, there are other 3 families actively lookinjg for a home in the same area than us. Always been told after confessing our “househunting” attitude. :smiley:
From Sep till now, I also met other 2 families in adjancent classes actively looking for buying.

Open your ears and eyes to your off-line world…

And these 5 people/couples you met (since you opened your eyes and ears off-line); do you regularly call them/they call you to discuss properties? Would you then take their information as ‘beyond-question’ true as is being presented here? Where are they getting this bulletproof information from?

Unless you are the vendor, buyer, EA, banker, solicitor etc or have access to Gov information you cannot ‘categorically’ have the info. I must assume since your new acquaintainces are also househunters they do not fall into these categories. Even if one has completed a purchase this means they only know one transaction price with certainty.

An increased network is great to share opinions/speculation/information on properties. Its a big jump from there to ‘categorically’ knowing the transaction price on any property though.