69 templeville road, d6w - 300K 'profit' in 6 months

sold for 630K in march 2014 as per reg.

bang in planning for a house in the back garden and one to the side. Refused planning for one in back garden, but got it for side garden.

back on market in separate lots - asking 550K for the original house (untouched) and 400K for the site.

Assuming maybe 20K for architect fees (being generous?), they are looking to make a profit of over 300K in 6 months.


Nice profit if they can turn it. I hope they can’t.

Yeah saw this and was taken aback. They are selling the original house minus a large side garden and small back garden for the original asking price. Or else keep the gardens but pay 400k on top of the original asking price. Can’t see how they’ll have any takers. Would need to spend a few quid to modernise the original house aswell.

Combined lot. myhome.ie/2904558

Yeah, I looked at this. Now I don’t know the area and maybe that is just an ab fab road in D6W but I wouldn’t offer €5 for this. Imho that is one ugly house and I wouldn’t want my house attached to an ugly house. There is better value sites out there.

It’s not actually on Templeville Road either

Why so?

As blackdog posted the planning application was for two new houses while retaining most of the original house, the one which was granted permission has proposed vehicular access from Templeville road, the unit that was refused permission had proposed access from Fortfield Park opposite Pius NS.

It’s interesting that they didn’t appeal to An BP, I wonder are they retaining any of the land for a future revised application? The colour visualisation is misleading as it includes the proposed 2nd dwelling that was refused.

Is it Tempeville Rd or Templeville drive? They have the site on 1 and the house on the other on the map…deliberate or just typical Castles!

It’s templeville road, typical Castle’s I’d say.

However the sale all looks a bit hasty, there doesn’t appear to be any clear marking out by the vendor either on map or in actual garden as to what you might be buying as a site, an obvious concern I would think for any prospective purchaser.

You just know that someone someday soon will post a PPR link showing this unsaleable property/site has been sold.

Wait for it…


Fair bit of fuss kicked up by locals on this one apparently :nin

regarding the permission granted, fact that it’s already for sale, or both?

Think they were seeking permission to do a fair bit more than what was granted

Link to the SDCC planning application for anyone interested.

sdublincoco.ie/index.aspx?pa … SD14A/0099

Passed by this earlier, signs on both the house and site now say sale agreed.

The reg now says 69 Templeville Road sold 2/2/15 for 550k

myhome.ie/priceregister/69-t … n-6-336984

Am assuming this is just for the house, a new boundary fence has recently been erected dividing the existing dwelling from the site with PP, will be interesting to see if site appears on register or if vendors have decided to retain and develop themselves.

Sites don’t appear on the register - they aren’t residential dwellings.


they’ve upped the price of the site by 10k today to 410k!
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2904583

Bizarre carry on

The existing house is now back on having sold earlier this year for 550k

myhome.ie/residential/brochure/6 … 6w/3247762

asking 549,950

Cold feet about having a yet to be new build constructed next door perhaps?

Sign for site now says sold

Price drop of 50k today to 0.5m