7 Arbour Hill, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7 (-110k, -42%)

260k to 150k


28 April 2012
Price changed: from ‘€211,500’ to ‘€150,000’
01 January 2012
Price changed: from ‘€260,000’ to ‘€211,500’
27 October 2009
Price changed: from ‘Region €260,000’ to ‘€260,000’
17 June 2009
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Is this different from no. 6 ? In any event it’s now the best value in Stoneybatter, especially as its in that part nearest to LUAS and city centre. It compares well with any apartment in the area. Present rents for two bedrooms in Stoneybatter at 10k should give pre-tax yield ,(after costs of max 2.5k) of over 5% p.a.
Am now awaiting doomsday brigade to forecast further drop…

This apartment is built for SW tenants and the rental income will track SW payments.

I agree maintenance costs will low given design (I especially liked the tiled living room) and should be less than €2,500 p.a. including voids and basic repairs.

The big problem is where are SW payments going?

I suspect they will fall in the next budget however it probably represents a good long term investment when compared to a deposit account.

IMO it is not a good property investment given the relatively low yield, size and the exposure to SW rate movements.

I can see this apartment is on the market again.
What’s wrong if the apartment was built for SW tenants?
did it mean it was built with cheap quality?

Can someone tell me more about this? Thanks