7 bed - Ashurst, Military Road, Killiney (-13,000pm, -72%)


Was €18,000 per month


Now €10,000 per month



Now €5K



this ad says 4000 monthly:


There are actually 6 listings on daft at the moment for this property but the one above is the lowest price:



One of the finest/biggest houses/addresses in Dublin…and the yield is suggesting it is worth c. €1m. The market is still absolutely insane and makes no sense whatsoever.


“Rent Allowance Not Accepted”



Unless memory fails me completely this Pile has quite a history. I believe it once belonged to the family of the late Arch-Bigot of Dublin the grisly John Charles McQuaid and that he himself later came into possession of it.

It was I believe once the property of sometime and over-ambitious solicitor Vincent (O) Donoghue who ‘over-extended’ himself. Always think there is ‘something’ about the place.


Most of the above links are now dead but the one from Daft below still seems to work…
If the property was let @6.5K per month as advertised what do pinsters think this property would sell for in the current market? Anyway of finding out the more recent history of this property, ie. last recorded sale price, who owns this property, etc.
Thanks in advance


Shows how little intrinsic value there is to the top -end of the Dublin market. Seems absolutely nothing, no matter how nice it is rents for much more than 5k p/month. In decent parts of Manhattan or London, that would get you a 2 bed apartment.


Here’s the low down on the former owner independent.ie/national-news … 74422.html

But I don’t think he owns it anymore… I heard that he sold it to someone called Smith (another property developer I believe?)


Now for sale asking 3.5m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2616818


It’s a beautiful house, but I’ve been in enough to know anything above 3000 sq/ft is just a waste.
I’ve been in one living room that was so large you almost needed a phone to talk to the person sitting on the adjacent sofa.

Still, it’s a cracker of a house and grounds.



Bids are in the region of 4m on this.
This house is really big and in pretty good condition (£1m refit in 2000).
There was a bid not far off 4m on this a while back but seemed to go nowhere.
Structure is worth c 1.5m and at 4m, the 4.7 acres is for +0.5m an acre.

See Irish Times article on Ashurst


Confirmed in Irish Times as sold for 4m
4.7 acres plus 9600 sq ft period pile in good condition is very good value
Probably valued at closer to +15m at the peak?
Much better deal than recent Cloneevin or Mirimar in 2010 (half house and fifth of land for 3m)
(and makes the asking of Abbeylands and Gallen look too high)
Also makes the asking of Sorrento Terrace of 12m look pretty crazy too



Sold for 4.065m
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-97379/