7 Brooklawn, Mount Merrion Ave, Blackrock (-355k, -33.8%)

Was €1.05m, now €895k:

€486 per square foot

Now €725k:


€394 per square foot

Now €695k:


€378 per square foot.

Any views on what its worth Sharper?

When I went to see this one I thought it needed a lot of decorative work, new windows and probably insulation. While it had a dated feel to it, that was because of decor and old fittings, but it’s one of those houses that I thought people might find inexplicably “offputting” as a result. I didn’t like everything about the layout (thought the kitchen & dining should be knocked together, and there’s a silly gap outside that’s intended to be like a carport) but I’m kinda fussy like that - I don’t recall there really being any major problems other than dreariness. Oh, and the price at the time.

It’s worth looking at some of the other houses in Brooklawn - a few have maintained and upgraded their homes very tastefully - one or two very attractive ones near the front of the estate, where owners have built out into the carport and changed the window openings).

Being a fussy person, I’d probably want to spend 100k on doing all of the above-mentioned improvements in one go. A normal, sensible person would throw 25k-40k at it for decoration and windows/insulation and move right in.

The location is really good IMO so I think €300 per square foot would be a fair price, given that the work to be done doesn’t have to go over the top. Maybe €330k for that extra Blackrock premium. That would mean €500-550k. But it’s hard to call this one correctly: there’s a big I-want-I-want-I-want about the location, but a that strangely offputting feel to the house (which as I say could be easily rectified). So far it’s been way overpriced, but the current price level *might *just draw €600k out of someone aspiring to send the sprogs to Blackrock College.

Sale Agreed:

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