7 Cypress Lawn, Templeogue, Dublin 6w

25-Mar-09 625000(The date i start to keep records)
28-Apr-09 575000
21-Jul-09 498000

myhome.ie/residential/search … ETHA379277

I have been keeping a spreadsheet of all the properties for sale in Templeogue. I can’t find links to back up these figure, if anyone can help me find them that would be great.
I am interested in buying in this area once we hit the bottom. I can email the spreadsheet to anyone thinking of buying in templeogue.
This is an interesting drop because its in the “better” (more expensive) side of templeogue.

please post proof we can see in the future. links to some kind of record would be preferred

Here is a link to the spreadsheet I have been keeping.
spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key … lbGc&hl=en
I decided to upload it to google docs.

Worth about € 250K, imo.

Why is the property only worth €250k?

I would love to see it that low!

At €250k it would be €244 per sq ft, there is already a house in similar condition on Ballyroan Rd for €213 per sq ft. Yes, Cypress Lawn is a better area, but give it another year of drops and prices in Cypress Lawn will need to be less than they are on Ballyroan Rd now if they want to sell.

And €250k is a lot of money, it’s a quarter of a million euros. A quarter of a million euros for a small house in need of decoration, in a nice suburb in a small city on the edge of Europe, in the middle of a recession. That’s crazy money.

I hope your right! I have no plans to buy in the next year, maybe even two. I have a deposit sitting in the bank and am just waiting and watching. I first started looking in templeogue in 2007 and was shock to see an average home in orwell going for 750k.

I was in my friends parents house in Glendown and he was bragging how the house was worth a million. It was a good, well looked after 4 bed but had a tiny garden. I taught to myself if thats what a million gets you here I’m moving! Now I can actually see myself buying in dublin. I just have to wait a few years.

Now classified as [*sale agreed * (https://www.myhome.ie/residential/brochure/7-cypress-lawn-templeogue-dublin-6w/115254) on its Myhome page although last time I passed by it at Christmas agents sign said sold.

Getting ahead of the rates curve no doubt. :wink: