7 Leinster Park, Harolds X D6W (-€805k, -57.5%)

SOLD for €1.4m in march 2006: :open_mouth:

thepost.ie/archives/2006/032 … 12770.html

Now (asking) €595k - it started at €620k a few weeks ago:

4 Bed Semi-D
€345 per sq ft (595000/1724)
€3719 per sq m (595000/160)

Holy Mother of God. I don’t think I’ve seen worse value through the whole bubble, and that’s saying something. It’ll end up amounting to close on €1m burned in 5 years. Astonishing.

I also wonder how the owners can afford to sell. There must be exceptional circumstances - massive savings or no mortgage in the first place - to allow them to do so.

These houses were always very expensive. I vaguely remember them costing c. £370,000 when they were first built around 1999.

I remember attending a meeting where one of the attendees (a fairly junior solicitor, newly married) mentioned he was buying one and feeling quite astonished at him being able to afford the price which was over three times what I paid for a similar house a few years before.

£385000 in march 2001. €488850 in real money.
thepost.ie/archives/2001/032 … 95928.html

Now asking €445k:
Now asking €495k:
Bigger one end terrace now asking €595k:

We’re way back in nominal pricing - probably Y2K. For Real prices adjust by 35% since 2000.
€445k in the example above is €329633 in Y2K €urodollars.

Couldnt believe it when I clicked on the link and it was a, a, a, a…normal gaff.

Number 74 Leinster at €445,000 sets the new benchmark for Leinster Park. This house has been on the market for a while.

The larger houses, like those at 7 Leinster Park were sold at a slight premium to the standard ones (like 16, and 74).

Number 16 (asking €495,000) is basically the same house design as number 74 (asking €445,000).

More than the price for an “ordinary gaff” (scrubs up well in fairness in those pics) I was intrigued by the first floor having two en-suites and a bathroom!

You’ll tell me this is normal.

No longer on the myhome website must be sold

No 16 is sale agreed, apparently not too far below asking (450k). Second hand info, for what it’s worth

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -w/1148928

#54 is now on the market at 650k!!!..thats 200k+ more than the last 2 in the estate seem to have sold at…these sellers and EA’s have been in hibernation

Once we get the house price register this crock of asking way more than the neighbours got ‘cos we’re worth it’ should be mostly cut out

I had a big bowl of lol when I saw that one.

that link has an asking of 530K

Good spot

it was definitely 650k when I looked at it today around 1pm

Maybe the the EA or seller read this Board…

I saw it at €650k yesterday and you can see a cache of that listing in the Google search results:

Seems to have been €825k back in 2008:

I’d be surprised if a bid in the high 400s or even 460s weren’t given serious attention on this one.

Does it win the record for most precipitous drop in the shortest time? It seems to have dropped in the region of 25% in price in the space of a morning!