70 Garnish Square, Waterville (-35k)

Was 315,000 … cd=1&gl=ie

Now 295,000



I have an interest in Dublin 15 prices in particular, as I’ve been living here for 3/4 years. This is an interesting drop, it is now cheaper than some 1 beds in Waterville.


Waterville - 2 bed 2 bath - 280k.

Rathborne, Ashtown - 1 bed 1 bath - 300k+.

Having lived in both areas I can say this: Waterville has less crime and anti-social behaviour than Ashtown (which is effectively in Finglas/Cabra), is probably not even 10 minutes further on the bus, and doesn’t have horses rambling through the estates.

I suppose the drawback to Waterville is that it isn’t in close proximity to the Calcutta Express (even though it isn’t that far away from the Castleknock stop either).

The disparity in prices between these areas is interesting. I wouldn’t want to be trying to flog my one bed right now…

Have you any idea if those new Earlswood blocks have all sold? Now there’s a place you’d want to be offering 50 - 100k below asking price.

There are so many blocks out here, Verbatim, that I’m not sure which you mean.

There is another block or two going up right in the middle of Rathborne where the buses wait that work seems to have ceased on.

There is a large finished (externally at least) block right out by the canal that is completely empty, I think I heard somewhere that these are for social housing.

I do know this much: the Earlswood block you can see from the train that is facing right out onto the little park and the playground has plenty of unoccupied units. I also know that in my own building (actually in Pelletstown Manor but adjoining Earlswood/Rathborne) 4 out of 6 ground floor apartments are empty. No for Sale Signs up either.

Looking at Daft people are trying to get rent of €1300 p.m for 2 beds out here. In reality, these are future tenements.

Well, 2 beds are being launched for 410k presently according to here ireland.com/newspaper/proper … 32318.html

1 bed in nearby RCP for 320k
Wonder if they were the original price or was there any reduction?

March 2005 quote €275k for a one bed at The Village At Rathborne.


I called in to Earlswood today. They gave me a price list which was exactly the same as this time last year. There was no one else apart from me there to look at the show apartments. I asked if they were accepting offers, they said “yes, the way things are at the moment we’re happy to listen to offers”.

Also the work on these new blocks seems to be progressing at an absolute snails pace.