700 households have already paid €100 charge

So any pinsters paid their household charge yet?


Will be interesting to see how the numbers work out towards the end of the month.

I visited my 90 year old granny over the holidays, mentioned the household charge and she didnt have a clue what I was talking about.

It does beg the question, by what mechanism are they going to ensure that everyone in the country is actually aware of their obligation?

Will there be a mailshot, etc?

I won’t be paying it. full stop.

What if people don’t have access to the internet? I know my grandparents don’t… or elderly people who have moved into a nursing home and their house is lying idle?

Ask my granny for her PPS Number and she’d think we were trying to rob her or something!!


If they do bring in a better system next year for the household charge, will those who don’t pay it this year (assuming this is a sizeable number) simply get away with it?

Ahhhh if the person is in a nursing home they don’t have to pay…

"Residential property where a person has to leave their house due to long-term mental or physical infirmity (e.g. a person that has moved into a nursing home). "

Property Tax admin staff have paid shocker.

If no one pays this. There is nothing the Gov can do so they will have to hit other areas income, VAT and so on. The trick to get people to register is a legal trick to enter into a contract.

Here we go again creating another housing database and the first one is not even done.

Will be interesting to see how many Landlords pay the charge.

A gentle and effect national boycott may be under way. Time will tell but everyone should ignore it IMHO.

It will go away.

Of course other TAXES will be invented or tweaked to extract but maybe not as fast if people begin to resist. Take the recent Dublin Bus price hike. It is gong on anywhere the Gov can force their hand.

Can we pick and chose the taxes we pay.

What about a campagin where anybody taxed on more than 50% of their earnings refuses to pay.

This is again about people saying that taxes are needed but not from me. Take it from the guy across the road instead.

Unfortunately, people are retards about taxation. I am by no means a high earner, but the 2% income levy by itself costs me a 4 figure sum every year. Yet when they introduced this, I don’t remember any widespread opposition.

If the government were smart about wanting tax increases, all they have to do is fiddle the income tax bands and continue to abolish reliefs. This manner of taxation is much harder to avoid and people are by and large completely ignorant about it until they get their pay packets.

Are you talking about the income levy that was replaced by the USC last year?

The government cannot increase taxes on labour as it reduces numbers employed. they have to find other ways

A friend of mine lives in a 20 years old estate, fully finished, etc, but not yet taken in charge by local Co C… some outstanding public lighting issues & the like. Does she have to pay? I think not.

exactly, its not that i disagree with HouseBuyer, well apart from his reference to mentally disabled which is unwelcome I feel, but its difficult to be “seen” to be widening the tax base while at the same time reverting back to Income Taxes to raise revenue. As far as I can see, this daily €0.28 (€100/366 days in a leap year) charge is not going to raise much, but its pure Optics :angry:

I dont see why tennants dont have to pay it. Afterall, it is the householder that is availing of the services, isnt it?

What about the debate regarding medical card holders and those in negative equity did they become exempt from the charge?


It is a property tax. The tenant does not own the property, the tenant is in fact paying to enjoy the temporary benefits of tenancy. It is inevitable that the costs of this tax are going to be included in every new rental contract from here on in, but now it is specifically the Owner who pays the tax. After all, if you don’t like it, you can sell your property.

This is a misunderstanding. No services are received for this payment, it is simply a Local authority charge against the owner. It is very different from the UK Council tax where the bins and the streetcleaning etc comes out of the tax. All FG voters must be doing cartwheels of joy as they now have what they voted for.