705 One Beacon, Sandyford -120k (-15.5%)

Was 775:

Now 695:


950sqm…is that right?! :astonished:

950 Sq FT! did u see they concentrated on the Loo and the Lobby, the 2 areas where you spend LEAST amount of time! This will not sell for anything above 400K.

Now €655k (-120k)


Went to 665k

Now at 645K

I think that this was the most ridiculously priced gaff I’ve ever seen, I’m using it as a barometer when it reaches a saleable price I think the bottom might be in.

Lovely view of the motorway, in fairness (see photos 7 & 8 ) :unamused:

Back now at 665k

Either there are multiple ads, or he’s refreshing the price hoping to fool someone into paying an extra 20k on top of the 200k the rest of the herd are looking for.



Sorry, was looking at the cached 665k version :frowning:

645k it is. What a bargain.

Available to rent for 1600pm (3% yield on 645k)

No chance of decent photos of the interior, then?

Photos of the numberplate, the entrance, and some kind of conference room. What use are they?

Some of these people need to attend morkeshing 101!

I could also envisage a problem with the single parking spot for a two-bed apt.


Now €1,500 per month - 2.8% gross yield on €645K.

Hmmm. Which is it? Rent too low or price expectations too high?..?


With a guestimate value of €240k and rental of 1300 this gives a yield of 6.5%

I doubt if it would get €240k. This location stands as one of our many monuments to the folly of the recently bygone era. The Beacon is neighbour to the desolate, ruined shell of a tall building, ragged advertising banners flapping from its upper floors in the wind, home only to crows, its bones picked clean. It is a post-apocalyptic vision.

But hey, the silver lining is that they would be probably be lucky to get €160k for this if they tried to sell it, so that’s a nice potential yield for the landlord.

Interesting point of view!


I viewed apartment 001 One Beacon in Oct 2007 when it was €575k and was told by EA “you’d better be quick as this will be snapped up”

In fairness to One Beacon where I lived for a number of years they are really well made and the standard of the finish is the best I’ve seen in any apartment in Dublin. I previously lived in Beacon South Quiarter and although they looked nice the noise coming through the bedroom wall from the neighbours’ TV was insane!

One Beacon is properly insulated and you can’t hear a thing

The rental on the two beds in One Beacon seems to have bottomed out at 1200-1250pm over the last two years

So would 14 times the yearly rental of €14,400 give a reasonable value of €200k?

100% agree.

& 1,300 for a 2 bedroom shoe box…no thanks.