71 Ramleh Park, Milltown (-550k, -45.8%)

“71 Ramleh Park, Milltown, Dublin 6. AMV €1.2m, semi-detached, 3 bed, sunroom, garage. Withdrawn at €1m, sold after for higher.”
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 79439.html

Now 650k

They are going to be taking a bit hit on that! Expensive looking renovation done in the mean time, I don’t think It’ll get the 659k either.

They’ve also irritatingly spelt the name of the house wrong - quiet/peaceful/tranquil is ‘tranquila’ in Spanish, not ‘tranquilla’.

So that’s the pedantic-Spanish-speaker market out of the frame, as well as the its-ludicrously-pretentious-to-give-a-house-in-a-housing-estate-a-name-when-it-has-a-perfectly-serviceable-number market.

“Tranquilla” (tran-KWEEL-ah) is Italian for quiet

Sale Agreed (Last asking €650k).

17/02/2010 10 RAMLEH PARK MILLTOWN €575,000
22/07/2010 75 RAMLEH PARK MILLTOWN €975,000
07/10/2010 1 Ramleh Park Milltown €501,000
13/12/2010 86 Ramleh Park Milltown €485,000
15/06/2011 70 Ramleh Park Milltown €833,000
22/09/2011 80 Ramleh Park Milltown €665,000
09/11/2011 21 Ramleh Park Miltown €575,000
02/07/2012 66 Ramleh Park Milltown €410,000

I will be very curious to see the final selling price.

Sold for €650k:myhome.ie/priceregister/71-ramleh-park-milltown-dublin-6-65851

That’s a chunky loss to swallow.

12 Ramleh Park sold 13-12-13 for €585k