72 Avoca Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

24/07/2010 81 Avoca Park, Blackrock Dublin €810,000.00
25/07/2010 47 Avoca Park, Blackrock, Dublin €800,000.00
04/11/2010 51 Avoca Park, Blackrock Dublin €895,000.00
06/02/2012 37 Avoca Park, Blackrock Dublin €700,000.00
11/06/2012 95 Avoca Park, Blackrock Dublin €640,000.00

72 Avoca Park (Sale Agreed last asking price €975k)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2310628

Edited to correct house number 72 and not 71 and add link

€975?? do these people not check the PPR? I sincerely hope that this did not go for close to the asking.

even a fancy interior, large extension, large south-west facing garden would not explain this price premium. Mini-bubble or no mini-bubble.

Does anyone know the actual price achieved for this house?

Sold 26-7-13 for €975k

Back in the day, one a few doors away sold for €2.8m.

These stone fronted ones always commanded significantly more per square foot than the regular ones in the estate. I’m not sure how much they launched at, but even back in 1996 No. 100 was asking IR£325k (€413k) while a regular one (No. 12 a 2000sqft non-stone one) was asking IR£180k (€229k). In Nov/Dec 2005, No. 84 (a 2000sqft non-stone fronted one) sold for €1.7m (€850/sqft) while a couple of months later No. 71 (same as No. 72) came up with an AMV of €2.65m (€1127/sqft) and presumably sold for more as AMV’s were generally exceeded in 2006.

I think they’re attractive, but not really my cup of tea. They’re well situated, being on Avoca Avenue, and I can see why they were desirable during the Celtic Tiger, but I still wouldn’t give €975k for one now, even if they were €2.5m+ at the height. If you put the gardens together of all six houses on the row here, only then would you have a decent one. They’re more of a patio than a garden, especially when you’re talking about c. €1,000,000.

#102 Avoca Park sold 19-9-14 for €1.45m