72 Ballyroan Road, Templeogue (-285k, -37%)

Was 775k

irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … &Site=daft

Now 735k


Now 599 with another Estate agent.


CASTLES… so probably one to watch.

This makes it a 23% drop so far.

300 Euro per square foot (2,000 sqft according to the previous EA).

Now €549,950:

If you liked it at 550k you’re going to love it at 489,950



Whatever about at 550, at 489 it now makes a complete and total mockery of most asking prices in South Dublin City.

Drove past it yesterday evening - Sale Agreed.

No mention of any change on Daft.


Daft now says Sale Agreed.

So, that price suggests prospective buyers are a couple both earning something like €60k each, right?

Expecting both partners to be earning about 40% above an average Dublin salary EACH (assuming the average is around €40k) in order to buy on Ballyroan Road strikes me as perverse and way, way out of whack with where this country is going.

And that notwithstanding the fact that to one’s weary eyes this actually appears to be a cheap-ish house for the area.

Not a FTB house though so assuming some equity can be factored in.
Decent area (although busy enough road), large house, ~ €200/sq ft.
Sounds decent enough value to me.

Ballyroan Rd was fetching over a mill at the height of the madness.
This result confirms what I’ve seen in D18:
Many parts of Dublin are already down 50% since the peak.

any links?

i wouldn’t have thought any house on ballyroan would have got 1M. 700-800K maybe…

Drove past it again yesterday - now sold.

how do you know it was sold?

It was on the sign.

This house looked like it was going to be a trend setter in the area.

A year on so decided to look what else is on the market currently - remember this house was going for €300 per sq foot.

184 Ballyroan Road - 3 bed 1100sq feet for €500k (€454 per sq foot)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -16/124405

225 Ballyroan Road - 4 bed 1,480sq feet for €495k (€334 per sq foot)
property.ie/property-for-sal … 14/519803/

Properties still looking for a lot more per sq foot than one sold for a year ago - seems pretty typical for many in a so called falling market.

Yet near enough by you have the likes of this asking €370K.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -16/219804

That’s €327 per sq foot - still looks more than number 72 was a year ago (€245 per sq foot)

True, but I’m dubious about trusting the square footage or metreage in a daft/myhome listing…

IIRC the Ballyroan one that sold last year had a very small back garden and had a ‘new build’ stuck to the side (i.e. it used to be a corner house)…

But yes, in principle you are right, it is a dead slow rate of decline. I can’t help but wonder, however, what impact the forthcoming budget cuts (and earlier signalled ECB interest rate movement as alluded to in the FT article posted here earlier) will have on the whole swathe of 400K-700K houses in the likes of Rathfarnham and Knocklyon. The market surely can’t be there to sustain those prices.