72 Rosemount Avenue, Artane (-130k, -23.6%)

Was 520k


Now 480k


Was 550k according to the Property Bee.
Now 420k
-130k, -23.6%

Property Bee History

24 February 2009
* Price changed: from ‘Region €480,000’ to ‘Region €420,000’

06 May 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €520,000’ to ‘Region €480,000’

14 March 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €550,000’ to ‘Region €520,000’

18 February 2008
* Initial entry found.

Now 390k
-160k, 29%

This type of house in Artane will never sell at this price. It is probably worth less than half that.

Long, long, way down to go yet lads.

Reality check needed.

Artane or Harmonstown?

Harmonstown for sure.

it is a nice enough street, but 390,000 is still about 2005, levels. And the home needs bit a of a gutting.