73 Foxrock Avenue, Foxrock (-220k, -31.9%)

Was 690k

Now 650k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/213216
€402/sq foot

Was 595k

Now 550k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/213216
150 (sq meters) = 1,614 sq feet
€340/sq foot

This isn’t really in Foxrock proper and conforms to my long-held theory that when the desireable location is mentioned twice in the address they are trying just a little too hard. Click on the map and you’ll see nearby roads such as Foxrock Avenue, Foxrock Court, Foxrock Green, Foxrock Wood etc., even though most of these properties are off Kill Avenue which is either in Deansgrange or Blackrock! Scroll back over the N11 and you’ll note that in *real *Foxrock there isn’t even one road, estate or development called “Foxrock” anything. Same happens all over Dublin e.g. Sutton Park, Sutton which is really a part of old Killbarrack (and a helluva distance from Sutton Cross which is where Sutton proper begins!)
Wasn’t there a controversy on the Joe Duffy show a few years back with a block of apartments in Swords which were called Waterside View, Mahalide or something like that? Apparently, the “water” was a fountain in the grounds and the place was about 3km from Malahide!

A case of Post Code envy ? lol

Technicially, it is Foxrock.
The road beside it, Park Avenue, is the ‘border’ between Foxrock and Blackrock.
Oddly enough, Hollypark Boys and Girls schools are right beside eachother, but the girls school is in Foxrock, whilst the boys school is in Blackrock.

But I get what you mean by naming it twice.
If you look over the other side of Kill Lane, you will see the most recent development - Foxrock Wood.

now €499k (-191k, -27.68%)



I’d consider this part of Foxrock, tbh.
Though if someone insisted on calling it Blackrock I wouldn’t lose sleep either.
It’s probably more convenient than “real” Foxrock. Better located there than down the far end of Brighton Road, if you ask me.

Nice house - all that wood (and terrible photos) makes it look dark but the garden has a smashing aspect to it.

Should generate a bit of interest at this price.
I’d be having a look myself if it dropped again!

This was Sale Agreed for quite a while and now appears to have fallen through as its now back on the market at 450k.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/1708722]()

I feel sorry for the vendors tbh because I think the house is priced fairly. Its a good street with 2 excellent national schools at the bottom of the road. The gardens on those houses are gorgeous. And not that you can see from the lack of photos now but last time it was advertised it looked like it didn’t need work other than a bit of decor update.

Conor - if you’re still interested in taking a look, rumour has it that it sale agreed at 400k last time.

The new agent has marketed the house very badly with terrible photos - fairly typical of him. DNG had marketed it better.

I agree re the photos…they are brutal. But I wonder if that makes much difference; the one they;ve shown basically shows the house is in fairly good nick and after that how much do you need to know…that is to say, you know enough on whats shown to decide if you want to view it or not.

Anyways. I know feck all about Foxrock, except that its supposed to be posh. These houses look ordinary enough to me there. On the other hand, the price isn’t exceptional either.

I’d be up there in a shot if my own place hadn’t fallen through. :cry:
I feel for the owners big time. Fell through at €400k? Wow!

It’s hard to believe this is the same house.

What is with Terry Halpenny’s insistence on using the worst possible pictures?
If I was the vendor I would simply not allow them to be used.

I seem to recall a glorious sunny garden with inviting looking patio furniture…

The absolute biggest problem with this is the schools.

I have children going to the French school and I would never, ever buy there.

Ignorant parents in X5’s and the like parking across your drive every morning and afternoon, despite the plod and threats of clamping. It would drive me to violence.

The vendor only has himself to blame as well, looking for nearly 700k a year and a half ago? Bats.

Across your driveway? Sounds like the type of challenge some of us like. 8)

These are the old pics from DNG in a PDF file:

photos.myhome.ie/media/6/1/2/213 … 204pa5.pdf

A virtually different house - madness.

Deploy the stinger!

This is now sold.

Skip out the front and home improvement white van in the drive.