74 Avoca Park, Blackrock (-205k,-13.6%)

Not sure 1% will do the trick


Ssssh, kemo sabe - is that the sound of thundering hooves I hear in the distance as a herd of would-be buyers descend on the place ?

Getting the hang of it.

Now 1,325,000


workin their way down slowly…

personally I am not a fan of those columns


This house is the same size also in blackrock and is from

€895,000 - Finance this property from €4,772 per month

now there may be a divergence between the roads…

but the question any viewer needs to ask is

is the one worth 430k more than the other?

430k is a lot of bread to most people !!!

Now 1,295,000

-205,000 , -13.6% overall

Now 1150


so -350k or -23.3%

and still a quarter of a million dearer than a similar size house above

I wonder how much having this house sitting unoccupied for a prolonged amount of time is costing the vendor.

Perhaps they need to drop the price significantly and move on rather than chasing the property market and paying mortgage/bridging etc?