75 lwr Dodder Rd, Rathfarnham (-50k, -10.5%)

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3 bed, 1,367sq ft…does’nt need any work or modernising. extension added and therefore practically no back garden.

was 475k, now 425k
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previous houses on this road have attracted plenty of talk on potential flooding, effects of hurricane charley etc. So there is a definite risk associated with this house.
though that has’nt stopped a few others selling on the road in the past few months

Would be fearful of this house because of it’s proximity to the river.
Last year during the heavy rain the dodder river rose so much that the water crossed the Springfield road and flooded the houses close to the road there.
I’d say anyone considering this property should check with insurance companies first and see if they can get insurance.

I’ve posted this elsewhere before but Lower Dodder Road didn’t get flooded last year and the last time the Dodder burst its banks it was Dodder Park that got flooded.

That hsoue is well away from the park so low risk in my opinion - the side alley beside it would worry me much more as a potential security risk.

402K as per reg