75 Northbrook Avenue, Ranelagh

What do you reckon? would be perfect for me as i work in Ballsbridge. Only have a budget of 280,000 tho

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1392990

Small enough house but seems in good condition. Needs to drop a bit more anyway.

Why not. 280 isnt a million miles away from the asking. I was looking at some gaffs in Howth that were asking 349 but was told the vendors would take region 300. Could be the same here.

Great location - provided it’s not too close (i.e. right beside) to the Luas tracks. I know some houses in this area sought compensation for the noise effects from the Luas, but were obviously unsuccessful.

Ive heard these houses are very poorly insulated and note the absence of a current BER in the ad.

As to price, 280K could get it.

It’s asking c €4650 per m2, your budget is c. €3750 per m2. It’s the size of an apartment. I think your price level is more realistic than theirs, to be honest.

Put in a bid a bit below your budget and see how you get on. Good luck.

I agree - reckon 280k should go close. At Eur 3,785 per square metre it is certaintly not an outrageous offer. I’ve anecdotally heard that decent quality redbricks in Ranelagh with gardens and parking have been transacting at 4k - 4.5k per square metre recently so a newish house with a low-maintenance garden should be in the range you are talking about.
Lovely location off Northbrook Road but it is very small - you’d want to be comfortable that there is no immediate plans for expansion of your family size. Also back up blown-ins comment, I knew somene who lived in one of these houses a few years back (perhaps even this one) and I think I recall his mentioning the soundproofing not being great.


Half the asking price, but three quarters the size. With no stairs taking up internal space, you might find the living space is comparable to the small house

It might be worth considering, or at least having in your head when bargaining with the EA for Northbrook

Wasn’t there a thread about these before, think it was iguana who had rented one? Build quality of near-zero as far as I recall.

Yup, it’s here. viewtopic.php?f=10&t=40304

I used to rent one, as did ToBuyOrNotToBuy.

Beware the storage heated house.

I cannot +1 that as much as I’d like - you’d get bored of the zeros :slight_smile:

Is this a feature of houses which encourages further drops?
Heating your home is/should be a big consideration when planning future costs.

Heating system can be changed and doing so doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Obviously if one’s budget constraints forbid it, that’s another story.

People steer clear of houses for all sorts of reasons - heating system, needs more insulation, too much / too little decking - that could be easily remedied. And in the current market, there are excellent opportunities to negotiate the price down sufficiently to cover the cost of such changes.

I’ve seen houses drop tens or hundreds of thousands in price because of lack of interest, when that lack of interest is driven by issues such as the above that could be remedied for a few grand. Not saying that’s the case here, but I have seen it elsewhere. And such houses are the ones where buyers have the best chance of negotiating a good price.

Sale Agreed.