76 Floraville Avenue, Clondalkin (-35k)

Was 474,950 … cd=1&gl=ie

Now 449,950


I know Floraville Avenue well, it’s a truly beautiful mature estate, very quiet area with good solid spacious houses. Houses usually sell for well over EUR500,000 in this location - great buy there.

ropez - your house ?

lol, nope, i’m from Monastery Rd. but I know Floraville Avenue well, and felt the need to add my view.

Thank You.

Even greater now at 440k


this for sale for a long time for 415 now 395k albeit needs about 10k to makeover.

it’s still at 440,000 isn’t it? there must be something wrong with it, coz Floraville Avenue is a really nice leafy estate.

Am i missing something here, and no dis respect meant ,but the house is in D 22 , it s extremely small at 900ft and not asthectically pleasing to the eye … I dont mean to be pointing to a particular property but i thought the housing market was beginning to show signs of normality i.e. that a house in D4 might get this price for that size but this has left me in shock and the realisation that we are not there yet !

Well actually 2 houses sold in this area for over 485,000 in the last year… and if anyone knows the Monastery road area (Where this house is located) (Old Clondalkin village) will know it’s a very sought after location… houses have sold over EUR600,000 in the near by Monastery/ Laurel Park estates.

i live in Leixlip myself, but have friends in Floraville Avenue/Monastery Park, and if I had the money i’d definitely buy a house here.

Here’s another one For Sale in Floraville: daft.ie/searchsale.daft?sear … d=368719&s[agent_id]=893&s[p]=rpusuuxx

No I dont doubt it and lived near there years ago myself but that last one you put up the link for i can see some advantages ! as for the other ! well again i am not trying to pick on a particular property i just really think its way over valued !

Found another one in Floraville going for EUR580,000

daft.ie/searchsale.daft?sear … d=299023&s[agent_id]=887&s[p]=rptsupwq