76% price cut for renovated Clare Island lighthouse: SBP

Is this the biggest price cut so far? It had a 2.1 million price tag in 2006 but is now on offer at just 500k. Maybe they are just looking for the publicity with 500k price tag? It has 7 bedrooms on Clare Island off the Mayo coast - just outside the Dublin commuter belt!

Anyone got a link?

here you go - myhome.ie/residential/search … BDJJ289489

Have to wait until it comes up on the SBP website.

Now thats what I call a haircut 8)

How do the Sunday Business Post feel about you leaking all their top business stories the day before the paper is actually available on the newstands?

Not quite sure what the strategy is here with such a steep drop but I’m sure it will sell for more than €500,000. It’s a beautiful and unique property.

I never asked :wink:. However, the SBP is actually available on Saturday afternoons in the South of the country. Its printed in Cork.

Is this the best value house in Ireland? Puts the Wexford mobile home in perspective.

Really? Didn’t know that.

A nice property. Wonder how much they spent renovating.
It would have to be a second home, in that location. Theres not exactly loads of jobs on Clare Island.

An exclusive B&B retreat?

I’ve always wanted to live in a light house.

forget it OW
its mine

unless of course…

you want a bidding war :smiley::D:D

Bah. You lot need to think outside your boxes. It would make an ideal retreat for a photographic artist. If I had half a million handy and a guaranteed market for my warez I’d be there like a shot. That’d look so good on the artiste cv, living in a remote lighthouse.

Will we simply call you “Diva” from now on so ??

It the perfect “new” pin HQ!

In that case we will require one black leather swivel chair, a monocle and a white hairy cat

Well it must be a drop if it has pinsters fighting over it! If it had broadband and I had half a mill to spare I’d be all over that!

if ifs and buts were candy and nuts …