77 Brighton Square, Rathgar - then and now

“quoting a guide between €317,500 (£250,000) and €355,600 (£280,000)”
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Going by the CPI, say €330k in 1999 would the equivalent of c. €450k now

Asking €550k

From what I know of auctions in 1999, the guide price was typically 10% below the reserve.
You need to find out the actual sale price to make a comparison.

You need to include the value of the rental income since 1999 if you are going to adjust down by the value of inflation.

Er, not necessarily. I’m simply comparing the price then with the price now (in real, not nominal, terms). Simple as that.

Ok, can’t find this house on Brighton Square’s auction result but:

Gunne 52 Brighton Square, Rathgar withdrawn £320,000, (E575K 2009 prices) under negotiation
Harper O’Grady 31 Brighton Square, Rathgar withdrawn £280,000, (E504K 2009 prices) sold higher.
Monday October 05 1998
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 29068.html

Sherry FitzGerald : 2 Brighton Square, Rathgar, withdrawn £300,000, (E527K 2009 prices) sold after
December 02 1998
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 22739.html

This one is a case in point - 26th April 1999
A redbrick period residence at 5 Brighton Square, Rathgar was withdrawn by Gunne at £375,000, who are now seeking offers in the region of £400,000 (E703K 2009 prices)
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 12804.html
a week previously:
The house goes under the hammer on April 20 with Gunne Estate Agents (01-6185501) looking for offers in the region of £300,000.
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 10612.html

Now 495k