770 Howth Road (-€80k, -9.7%)

2nd reduction in the last two months.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/3064876

Bit of a strange property at €745k IMO. Too expensive to be a site in the area and not a decent layout/spec for a property of that price. This has the potential to be a long term fixture here.

Right on what’s known as the “S” bend - where the Howth Rd meets the Coast Road. A very busy intersection - especially on summer weekends. The house is nicely done all the same.

Price history from
daftdrop.com/houses/770-howt … n-5-336977

€825,000.00 Feb 28, 2015
€795,000.00 June 6, 2015
€745,000.00 June 17, 2015