78 Fosters Avenue, Mount Merrion (-180k, -21.2%)

Was 849k, 799k

Now 775k
€698/sq foot, and in need of redecorating, etc. :open_mouth:

Now €699k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/434482

Small house (103sqm) on a good site (0.2acre), requires total renovation according to brochure.

Sale agreed:


Back on the market with a further price drop at €669k:


€605 per square foot (but price per square foot may not be so relevant as usual here, as the large grounds and extension or rebuild opportunity would be the attraction for some).

the house seems bigger that 1000 sq feet .

I thought 1100 square feet seemed small too, but the house is only the depth of one room downstairs and two (probably narrow) bedrooms upstairs. Plus, that agent is normally OK for attention to detail.

its too expensive at 650k + … sure thats insane even for a lovely plot like this.

I see this is on open view this weekend, one wonders what the chances of being granted planning to extend - both neighbours 76 and 80 seem to have had a joint objection in to a previous application to extend In Dec 2011-
The reason for “sale agreed” falling through the last time?, could be risky to buy a house that you can’t secure planning on??

planning.dlrcoco.ie/swiftlg/apas … ts%3C/a%3E

Is this the same house?
“78 THE REEKS, FOSTER AVENUE” - sold 690k
myhome.ie/priceregister/78-t … blin-60374

Can’t find any reference via Google to anything called “The Reeks” on or near Foster Avenue. Maybe “The Reeks” is the name of the house, and this got inserted into the house name in the register?

I dunno, it just doesn’t smell right.


… stunning garden - but you would almost want to knock down the dark house in this premium location. Does anyone know whether you could get planning permission here and how long this would take to approve (if at all possible)?

The last guide price was 695k so seems reasonable to assume that’s the one.

Yes that’s right. No 78 Fosters Avenue sold for €690k. Good site & great location but the house needs to be knocked.

It is nice area but take into account the middle term: very close to the future eastern bypass.
See comments and plans in: