78 Ratoath Estate, Cabra (-35k)

Perhaps is related to it being featured in the Irish Times

Was 475k, now 495k

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I think the vendor should realise they were taking the piss with that article

Agreed. I’ve noticed that those “Take X @ Y” articles are increasingly tongue in cheek. The one mentioned here, which compared a D4 semid with a 12th century French chateau on 284 acres, was particularly humorous. But the comparisons here are no less stark.

A Chateau or a semi d in D4 it’s hard choices like that which keep me awake at night.

The houses in Ratoath Estate are good quality, in a good location and if I was going to buy in Cabra it’d be near top of my list but €500,000! get a bleedin’ grip

Think I might have tracked this house down
realestate.com.au/cgi-bin/rsearc … =104362411

Was probably quoted at $800k (E480K), but wound up selling for $920k (E552K). Underquoting is pretty common in Australia. It’s also worth remembering that mortgage interest rates are over 8% and average income is around $60k, and with stamp duty added on you wouldn’t have much change out of a million.

So that house is more than 15x average income with 8% interest rates. Probably better value and a better lifestyle than what you’d get in Ratoath, but hardly “affordable” :slight_smile:

Back down to 475k, we have a non-mover in the charts :laughing:

Classic ! (hits) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Now 460k