79 Clonkeen Drive, Foxrock (-306k, -39.5%)

Was €775k in 2010, dropped to €550k last year, now €469k:


€307 per square foot.

Looks like decent value…what’s the area like? Is it actually Foxrock?

Nice house. Has real character. Price not too shabby either.

Would have thought this house was in Deansgrange :confused:

Noooooooo, no, no, no, no, no. No. Foxrock Dublin 18 is the official postal address. It is (according to Google Maps) 1.7km walk from The Gables restaurant at the heart of Foxrock village. It is in fact much closer to the heart of Dean’s Grange.

However it is a settled and pleasant enough road, relatively quiet, running parallel to the much busier Clonkeen Road. Probably veering towards upper middle class but not as much as Foxrock village. Anti-social behaviour would not be issue.

Sharper is correct here. Not Foxrock proper (that’d be on the other side of the N11) but decent area, handy for lots of local services and relatively quiet - although funnilly enough I’ve begun to use this street as a short-cut back up to the N11 when I come out of the LIDL carpark in Deansgrange (you can’t turn right) - so it’s a little busier than it used to be!

Have been in one of these houses and they’re spacious inside - this one looks a little cluttered with dated dark furniture, heavy colours etc. Nice garden too!

Oh and I believe George Hook lives in this part of Foxrock!

This house is an identikit of a relative’s house about a half a klick away!

It may not be Foxrock village but it’s a close to any reasonable form of public transport (yes, it’s closer to Deansgrange). It’s a bit close to Clonkeen Road but it is nevertheless a nice residential area. Let down a bit by the westerly garden, but strip the fussy interior and you have a nice house.

A bit to go but close.

You can say that again.
One of my best friends in primary school used to live on this road.
The house is so similar it’s giving me serious childhood flashbacks ! :open_mouth: .

Snap. When I saw this, I was convinced it was the home of a childhood friend of mine until I remembered she lived in Clonkeen Road not Clonkeen Drive. Otherwise, its an identical house. I had an incredibly strong flashback to afternoons spent eating biscuits in that kitchen and watching TV in the sitting room. I guess all those houses were decorated v similarly back in the 1980s. From what I recall, there was only about 3 furniture shops in the whole of south Dubin, so I guess everyone had the same furniture!

Back to the future, so, I guess. :nin

Viewed this house today. The EA said they’d had an offer of 400k which, she said (in a derisory manner) they “…would not even entertain”. I asked how long it had been on the market and she said eight months. I know the latter statement is a lie and I suspect the so-called offer of 400k is a fabrication also.

So, who do we report her to?
The industry regulator? Oh, that’s right, there isn’t one.
The NCA?
The cops?

There has to be something that can be done.

The Pin. :open_mouth: