79 Glenageary Park, Dun Laoghaire, (-50K, -10%)

Now selling for 495K


Was 550K … en&ct=clnk

Selling for 270 per square foot. 15 mins walk from DART in a pretty nice area.

This undercuts a lot of 3-5 bed semis in this area!!! Looks like 300 euro per square foot is the new 500 :angry:

Positioned in a ***quite ***cul de sac :unamused:

Another so called “Semi-Detached House” that looks quite attached on both sides too.

I am familiar with the area. The house is in a ‘real cul de sac’ is really semi detached and has been on the market with another agent, I think, for over a year. I would guess it needs a bit of work done on it but I think it is priced to go. Time will tell.

Dictionary says

By the looks of the picture this is very much joined on both sides - have they the wrong outside picture for this house?

This one is just around the corner at the same asking price
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/112746
so looks like the 400s are becoming the new norm for this area