79 Millennium Tower (Penthouse), Charlotte Quay(-1645k,-65%)

Sold for “more than £2m (€2.54m)” in 2000
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 36873.html
Equivalent of c. €3.5m today according to anthonykelly.com/inflation.html

Now asking €895k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -2/1909864

Wow. Extraordinary in many ways.

€2.54m in 2000…seriously??? I’d forgotten things were that nuts that early.

Apartments in Manhattan of course attract very high maintenance fees, so they are not a direct equivalent. But I searched a random property site for Upper West Side and Financial District (ie, the very best districts on the island)…and I’m struggling to find apartments of the same size that are more expensive than €3.5m - guts of $5m - in real terms: nestseekers.com/Sales/manhat … _bedrooms=

Real €3.5m for a sitting room that’s in the kitchen. Not even in Manhattan at this price is that a norm.

IT piece says…“While the asking price is 39 per cent below the reported selling price in 2000…” Hmmm, let me get my calculator out…

Brochure says: “Upgraded and refurbished to an exacting standard by the current owners”…The corollary of this is that the most expensive apartment in Dublin was not originally finished to an exacting standard. How on earth could a refurb have been necessary so early into its existence??

All round, just mad.

From IT

“Another three-bed penthouse in the tower – albeit a smaller one at just under 102sq m (1,100sq ft) without a kitchen – is currently seeking €500,000.”

500K, without a kitchen. FFS

Myhome link is dead.

Sale agreed

What extremely bad reporting.
The price is not 39% **below **the 2000 sale figure - it is 39% **of **it !

*I noticed Larry mentioned it, but felt it was so wrong it had to be highlighted again.

A 1700 sq ft apartment in Canary Wharf (you know, banker central) can be had for 900k.

There is no value in a Dublin 3 bed at 900k euro.